Years & Years at Terminal 5 in NYC!


Recently Years & Years took to the stage at Terminal 5 for the first time. I debated quite a bit about this post since I already posted about these guys a while back last Spring. I’ve also found a few ways to casually mention them from time to time in various posts like in this one here. If you’ve been paying attention or following Violet Roots for a while now then you’re probably aware that I’m a big Years & Years fan.

Time has passed and as each week went by I felt this gnawing need to share what I had experienced while watching Years & Years at Terminal 5. Maybe it’s the blossoming blogger in me but I feel the urge to share more and more with all of you!

Don’t worry Violet Roots won’t turn into a #TMI mess but let’s just say that more personal posts and just sharing much more of what makes me tick is in order! I go to enough concerts that I figured that at some point I’ll probably start seeing acts that I’ve already covered on the blog more than once.

In the past, I  just brushed it off and focused on brand new content but I think it’s unrealistic to think that I’ll never repeat an artist. A lot of acts will pass through a given city multiple time and sure no one wants to read eight reviews of the same band but a couple of reviews couldn’t hurt. March was the last time I dedicated a post to Years & Years so, at almost a month after their performance here is the review!

Let’s start off by saying that last time I saw them in early Spring of this year it was in a sold out smaller venue of 600 people called LPR. I was lucky enough to be in the front and every last person in that room was fangirling just as hard as the next person. A, my partner, isn’t the biggest concertgoer and even he was thoroughly impressed with them. If you remember that review, Katy Perry was also in attendance and this took place right when their hit single “King” was really gaining steam with the masses.

Now this time around they’re headlining a much bigger venue and have once again managed to add another sold out city to their growing list. Tei Shi was the opener and although I enjoyed some of her songs I’m not quite certain that I saw a genuine performance from her.

It wasn’t her fault it was just that there were sound issues that were only fixed once over half of her set was done. I was familiar with a couple of her songs which I’ve added below for your listening pleasure but I had not previously heard the rest of her songs so I didn’t know that certain elements were missing from them. With that being said, I don’t feel as comfortable giving her a review until I’m able to hear the music as it was meant to be heard.

Watching Years & Years at Terminal 5 was incredible fun! I went with one of my friends who I converted to a hardcore fan and she was taken aback with how entranced the crowd was with them. The lead singer, Olly Alexander, could have probably told the crowd to do anything and they would have obliged him. It was great for me to see a band I feel so connected to grow their following so quickly and in such an organic way. Olly was even more charismatic than the last time, doing his signature goofball dance moves and when he jumped into the crowd during “Shine” you could immediately feel the energy of the crowd intensify.

While I enjoyed Years & Years at Terminal 5 I have to say that I liked their performance at LPR better. This was solely due to the fact that I was front row the first time and a bit farther the second. One highlight from their latest show was that they mentioned how incredibly grateful they were to the fans who came out last time to see them and how surreal it was for them to be playing a bigger venue this time around. I have to admit I shrieked a bit and exclaimed to my friend, “that’s me! I was there!” Haha. I honestly don’t think I’ve been this excited about a band since those *NSYNC days. The only difference is that I’m not crushing on them I’m just head over heels for their music.

I think it would be criminal to not include “King” in this roundup even though I featured it in my very first music post here. If you’re not already familiar with this song you’re in for a treat! This song closed out Years & Years at Terminal 5 and is a massive success.

What are your thoughts about Years & Years at Terminal 5? What do you think of my affinity for this band? What about Tei Shi? I’d love to know! Next week check back for highlights from the CMJ Music Marathon!

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