Why I Won’t Turn On Instagram Post Notifications

Before we get into why I won’t turn on Instagram post notifications I’m going to come clean for a second.

If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I fell into the same trap that many others have over the past week or so. I asked my followers to turn on their notifications. I asked them to hit those three dots in the top corner and follow along with my IG adventures and I didn’t just ask them once. I asked them, at least, a handful (give or take) times to do so. Find out what Instagram has to say about the changes here.

So wait – doesn’t that make me a hypocrite?! 

No. I allowed myself to get carried away along with everyone else in the hysteria. I panicked and thought all that time I put into crafting and curating my profile and following were going to be obliterated by the new Instagram algorithm. The death of the chronological feed was giving me anxiety.

When you’re a solopreneur who puts a lot of time into their online space any sort of external change to your strategy can throw you for a loop. Some people stay strong and keep the course.

Others, during the case of the Great Instagram Hysteria of 2016, myself included, lost their minds. 

Why I Won't Turn On Instagram Post Notifications - Don't annoy your followers, use the new Instagram algorithm wisely and learn why I won't turn on Instagram post notifications and why you shouldn't either!


So why the change of heart?

Simple. I actually calmed down for a second and thought about it. I also followed one of my favorite accounts to experience exactly what my followers would experience if they had chosen to turn on their notifications for me. 

After just one day of having my phone buzz and beep every time this account posted I not only started to rethink owning a phone but I also was incredibly embarrassed that I asked my audience to put themselves through that torture. 

I’ll keep the name of the account to myself  but let’s just say that I had no clue that this particular account posted so much each day. It just goes to show you that Instagram wasn’t trying to play a game of smoke and mirrors when they claimed that the average user only sees 30% of their feed. 

Now, I only did this for one account. JUST ONE. Can you imagine what it would be like if I did that for several accounts that I follow? That’s exactly why I won’t turn on Instagram post notifications. 

What’s the alternative?

The alternative to losing your mind with endless phone vibrations is to remain calm and continue with business as usual. Just act as if the new algorithm didn’t exist. If things work out the way I believe they will (Instagram, of course, could easily prove me wrong) then I’m sure that as long as you interact with the accounts you enjoy then those will be the accounts you see. 

Follow these guidelines:

  • See a photo you like in your feed? Like it. 
  • See a photo you really like with an engaging caption? Like it and comment. 
  • Repeat the above steps for anything that catches your eye. 

Easy right? Instagram has stated that your feed’s hierarchy will give preference to the things they believe you care about the most. So, simply show Instagram which accounts those are with your actions. Gone are the days that you can passively scroll through your feed, not like or comment on anything, and still view the same content.

Still, it’s not like anyone ever went on Instagram and didn’t interact in some way. We all like the images in our feeds. It’s easy and it’s addictive which is why we spend so much time within the app.

So what should you do?

Double tap til your heart’s content and engage and follow along with your favorite accounts on Instagram. Check out Violet Roots on Instagram below and if you like what you see let me know through your engagement!

It’s the currency of social media and it’s also the only way you’ll get a unicorn for your next birthday! Ok . . . maybe you won’t get a unicorn but you will get awesome content in your feed and that’s almost as good. 

Why I Won't Turn On Instagram Post Notifications - Don't annoy your followers, use the new Instagram algorithm wisely and learn why I won't turn on Instagram post notifications and why you shouldn't either!


That’s why I won’t turn on Instagram post notifications. What about you? Feel free to agree or disagree in the comments below!

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