After a fun weekend I’m in need of a few ways to rejuvenate! 

As some of you might know I spent this past weekend at a music festival and although it was amazing it’s left me a bit exhausted. I spent 3 days under the sun constantly walking, dancing, partying and at times trudging through mud to see my favorite artists at the various stages. When all was said and done, each night I had to walk over the RFK bridge, board a somewhat long subway ride and walk a handful of blocks before I could find my way back to my pillow again. I know it sounds like I’m complaining about first world problems here, and in a way I am, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not incredibly grateful for being able to experience such an exciting event.

8 Ways to Rejuvenate

Still, there is nothing wrong with a little relaxation and finding ways to rejuvenate after a long weekend. With that in mind, below I’ve listed the ways I’ll be trying to recuperate this week.

  • Walk! I know after I just spent all that time complaining about walking for hours on end that the last thing you would expect me to suggest is to take a walk. It’s true though! Taking a leisurely stroll, even when your limbs are sore, is one of the best pick me ups. You’ll get some fresh air, some sun if it’s nice out and exercising a bit more never hurt anyone. Plus if you’re like me and you live near a park or two you’ll have easy access to people watching, plants, flowers, and maybe even a pond. I always find that getting out there in the world for a bit is one of the many great ways to rejuvenate.

Ways to Rejuvenate

  • Sleep! Your body is exhausted so there is no harm in giving it a few more hours of sleep. If you don’t have time to sleep in then I suggest sleeping early or taking a nap. As I get older I find that naps can turn in a bit of a rabbit hole situation where I say that I’ll only sleep for an hour but I end up dead to the world for 3 hours. hah. I also have a bad habit of hitting the snooze button but I’m working on it!
  • Workout! You might be tired but pushing through and exercising in a way that’s more high energy than walking has it’s rewards. You’ll get that high after putting yourself to work and in the end you’ll feel proud of yourself for achieving that whole mind over matter thing.

ways to rejuvenate

  • Clean! Cleaning, as well as working out, are one of the few ways to rejuvenate on this list that are on the productive side. Not everyone likes to clean. I don’t even always feel like cleaning but I just know that I always feel better while I’m tackling a big task or two. Cleaning a house from top to bottom, or at least a room, always gives me that feeling of accomplishment. I’ll put on some music, just sing along and make a real party out of it.

ways to rejuvenate 2

  • Music! Speaking of music, I find that just zoning out to something with a bit of an ambiance to it is helpful. Spotify has a plethora of playlists for just that but for me I can zone out to just about anything from Britney Spears to Destiny’s Child to The Beatles.
  • Shop! This one might hurt your wallet but even if you just window shop eyeing all those pretty new pieces can be a fun way to relax. It even includes waking and maybe even some music depending on if you’re in a store instead of online. For me, finding something brand new to bring home is euphoric and one of the ways to rejuvenate that leaves me feeling giddy for quite some time. You can find a few of my favorites style picks and shop my look below!
  • Bloglovin & Instagram! We all can loose quite a few hours of our day to social media but for me these are the two platforms that I always go back to. When you’re feeling a bit out of it or in need of a rest getting caught up with your fave bloggers or scrolling through endless photos is the perfect low energy option. I find that afterward I usually feel inspired by my fellow bloggers and motivated to take on new projects. By the way, make sure you find Violet Roots on Bloglovin and Instagram!

Ways to Rejuvenate

  • The City! Not everyone lives near or even enjoys the city but it’s pretty much the only place I feel like myself. When I’m in NYC I feel like I’m home and like I can just breathe a sigh of relief. Something about it makes me feel lighter and I can’t quite explain it but out of all the ways to rejuvenate I’ve listed this is the only one that uplifts my mind, body and soul.

ways to rejuvenate

Hey A’s shadow! haha. Top: Ecote; Skirt: H&M, Shoes: H&M; Bag: Thrfit

Have any other ways to rejuvenate? Let me (& A’s shadow) know!

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