My wanderlust is flaring up again.

It’s an affliction that I’ve had since somewhere around the age of ten. Initially I didn’t know what the word “wanderlust” meant. All I knew as a fifth grader was that I desperately wanted to leave the lovely little suburban town I was raised in for more expansive, intriguing and exotic locations. I yearned for travel, dreamt up unique cities in the stories I wrote and with each passing year grew more and more impatient to start my journey. My family and I would go on trips up and down the east coast. When I went to high school I went to an art camp in Chicago and didn’t explore much else until my wanderlust dreams came true during my third year of college. Finally I was able to embark on a real adventure! I packed my bags and flew off to Australia to study abroad by the beach in Sydney, Australia. It was the trip of a lifetime and every so often I kick myself as I wonder why it is that I’m not currently planning a trip back there.

Travel is something truly amazing and a pastime that always inspires me. Normally on Friday’s, you can expect a roundup of gorgeous wedding photos and a bit of insight into my planning process. When I started sharing my wedding series I intended to stick to this routine but, as I mentioned last week, I’m opening up Friday’s to anything that inspires me at the moment. It could be a cool Instagram account, a fashion spread or an art exhibit among other things. I’ll still frequently post about my wedding as well as other nuptials, because who doesn’t like to see beautiful bridal imagery?

I certainly love it but today is all about wanderlust!

If you remember, back in my summer bucket list, I mentioned taking a couple day trips to nearby destinations. I’m sure if I get around to visiting these locales it’ll be fun. Still, I can’t help but have this nagging notion in the back of my head that I need to go somewhere a bit further out of my comfort zone. I feel like I truly need to experience something entirely new. I’d love to experience cultures that are different than my own, see monuments I’ve only seen on TV, dip my feet in the Mediterranean sea, brush up on my Italian or Russian, or simply journey to a new continent.

Wanderlust is hitting me hard and I’m starting to feel like that ten year old kid again who aspired to see the world and was fueled by the hope of someday doing just that. It might sound a bit like I’m complaining. I have a pretty great life and having been able to spend half a year living in Australia is no small feet. I know that some of you readers are from Australia but where I’m from, being able to make that long trip isn’t so common. What I’m saying might sound like a #firstworldproblem and maybe in a way it is but I want to feel that singular feeling that travel brings out in me again. It’s a distinct breed of inspiration where all of my senses are heightened at once and the stimulation surrounding me is on overdrive but in the best, most euphoric way, possible.

I may not be able to jet off to a far away place right now but I know I’ll get there soon. If not, maybe I’ll be able to experience something new closer to home. Until then I think I’ll dream of these gorgeous destinations below.

A Case of Wanderlust

Versailles via National Geographic  

A Case of Wanderlust 4

Bosnia Herzegovina via

A Case of Wanderlust 1

Petra, Jordan via 99 Travel Tips

A Case of Wanderlust 3

Maldives via

A Case of Wanderlust 6

Machu Picchu via Fodors

A Case of Wanderlust 5

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore via Fodors

A Case of Wanderlust 7

 Lebanon via A’s last trip

Has wanderlust hit you? Have any trips planned for this year? If so I’d love to live vicariously through you so let me know and have a great weekend! 

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