Violet Roots is on Spotify! 

Over the past several months I’ve shared my weekly music picks with all of you. This week you can now find them all in one place on Spotify! From this point forward all songs featured on Violet Roots will be periodically updated onto a Spotify playlist that you can find here. I’ll still do a weekly roundup of music videos but you will now be able to access the songs from February as well as the ones from last week and the week before with more ease than ever before.

I’ve included the Spotify playlist, called #VRxMusic at the bottom of this post. If you’d like to find more music content you can use the same hashtag – #VRxMusic – on Instagram to view all of my live music coverage to date. This Music Monday series is one of my favorites to put together on the blog and I always love to hear your input from week to week.

It’s great to see that quite a few of you are into the same musicians that I like and being able to connect in that way is really special. However, not everyone is always aware of the acts I feature which is fine. Regardless, being able to regularly introduce new music to those of you who are unfamiliar is a wonderful feeling.

Over these past months, I’ve really enjoyed crafting these Monday posts into somewhat of a hub for music discovery and I hope to continue along that trajectory.

With that being said I hope this Spotify playlist is the first step toward more clearly emphasizing one of the main focuses of Violet Roots – music. So watch this space! I’m going to be working on a few projects to more heavily integrate music into the DNA of this blog so that it’s something that flows throughout and isn’t merely a topic secluded to Mondays.

It’s all about the music and all about the story that is told with it. I hope you listen to this playlist and are not only reminded of the stories I’ve been sharing but also attach your own memories to them. After all, music is the backdrop to a lot of those big and small life moments we all share and if I can help add a memorable track or two to the soundtrack of your life then I’ll be a happy camper!

Music is the backdrop to a lot of those big and small life moments we all share! Click To Tweet

Today I’ll leave you to peruse the #VRxMusic Spotify playlist and get acquainted with some of the older songs I’ve featured. Each song is listed in chronological order with the songs from the very first playlist at the start and the most recent tracks at the bottom, however you do not need to listen to them in this order. You can follow Violet Roots or the playlist on Spotify to always stay in the loop or SUBSCRIBE to get music updates from the blog directly to your inbox!

Like the idea of a designated Spotify playlist? Let me know!

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