Violet Roots Issue 12

We’ve officially made it to Violet Roots Issue 12! That means I’ve been creating these monthly magazines for an entire year! While I pause to pat myself on the back I think it’s time for an upgrade!

Although I like being able to take a moment to write freely to you about whatever is going on in my life I think I’d like to test the waters and try something different.

I took a step back in September and started posting twice a week instead of three times a week. I did so partly because I wanted to reevaluate where I was going with my blog, what I was posting and my overall strategy. The other reason was because I needed more time to dedicate to handling and preparing for that big change I’ve been going on about all Summer. 

Now I promised I would share what it is and today I finally can! You’ll have to check out Violet Roots Issue 12 to get the full story on that!



So what exactly will be different with these letters from the editor? The main difference is that instead of producing these once a month I will only create them quarterly. That means there will be no magazine for November. The next expanded issue will debut in January 2017.

This will allow me to debut a new design and to put more into each issue. I’ll still share what’s going on with me personally but I would also like to add in creative prompts, artwork and maybe a few more gems along the way. I’m also considering featuring one community interview per issue so it’s not just all about me. 

Lastly, since I’m adding more to these Issues I’ll also treat my subscribers to early access. They’ll get them promptly delivered to their inboxes either a few days or a week before they go live on this site. 

Recap of Changes:

  • VR letter from the editor magazine will only come out 1x each quarter.
  • The expanded quarterly issues will include creative prompts, artwork, and community features.
  • Subscribers will get early access to each issue.

I’m pretty excited about it and I can’t wait to see how the first Issue turns out in early 2017! Until then let’s discuss September!



This month kicked off with my 27th Birthday Playlist. I still can’t really wrap my mind around being 27. Some days it feels like I just graduated college and then other days I feel like that was eons ago. I’m very different but still feel kind of the same. It’s weird but I’m not complaining. 

I didn’t think about this ahead of time but the music features were pretty eclectic this month. I went from EDM heavy hitters like Yellow Claw and their Barong Family labelmates to a classic iconic artist like Adele. It just proves that I literally like almost every genre when it comes to music. If it’s good, it’s good.

Speaking of good, I’m glad everyone had fun with the list of 20 Song Covers Need to Listen To. There were so many covers I didn’t have room to add so I’ll definitely cook up another post for you guys down the line. Until then get excited for Global Citizen Festival 2016 recap coming next week!



My favorite post this month was on how to Prioritize Your Creative Growth. I was thrilled to see how you all reacted to it. It was so nice to hear that I was able to give most of you the friendly reminder you needed to make time for your creative pursuits. 

I know it’s not always easy to make time for things that people categorize as “fluff” but I think the fun stuff is just as important for your fulfillment as the serious stuff. 

We also discussed the importance of managing your creative work flow which tied back into making creativity a priority. There is a lot of awesome advice from different blogger babes so if you haven’t bookmarked it yet now is the time!

Lastly, to celebrate my birthday month I gave away some free wallpapers featuring my artwork. Make sure you grab them before October 1st! After that they’ll go back into the Violet Roots Vault and only my subscribers will have access to them.



I used to blog a lot more frequently about personal style and it’s something that has always meant a lot to me. During the summer things were just a little too unsettled for me to dedicate time to it. Plus, my resident photographer was too wrapped up in intense doctor stuff to help a girl out. Those posts will be back soon, though – with a twist! 

The Todd Oldham fashion exhibit at RISD was really inspiring. All of that color and bold styling really gave me fashion envy and I’m looking forward to the new style related features I have planned.


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What do you think of Violet Roots Issue 12?  What about the new quarterly issues or my big announcement?


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