With my birthday fast approaching I’ve been reflecting on the past year increasingly more and more.  In Viole Roots Issue 11 I’ll go into more detail but let’s just say twenty-six has been a fairly bumpy ride for me. Unlike Twenty-five which had it’s low point but was ultimately filled with lots of love, surprises and happiness this year has been challenging. That isn’t all bad.

Challenges and changes aren’t automatically negative but they also aren’t easy (Click to Tweet).  

It’s kind of funny now that I look back on it because I have an irrational distaste for odd numbers. Yet, twenty-five, an odd number, was wildly more positive for me than twenty-six. Haha.

On the more sane side of life, this month was packed full of interesting topics that I really enjoyed writing. I noticed a common theme in a lot of your positive feedback and I just want you to know that I’m listening. There are some tweaks and changes that I’ve wanted to make for awhile and soon I should be able to cater to your preferences more as well as my own.

Until then let’s rehash August and get ready for September! 



This month I wrapped up our tour of American summer music festivals with 7 Must See Acts at Outside Lands and highlights from the Mad Decent Block Party. The latter happened the same week as two sold out shows I also attended for Broods and The Hush Sound. The MTV Video Music Awards closed out August so overall it was a good time for music this month.



I was thrilled with the response on my tips on How to Gain Creative Confidence! We all have it within us and I’m happy that I was able to encourage some of you. I offered 5 ways to Stretch Your Muscles With Easy and Fun Creative Project Ideas.  It doesn’t matter what level you’re at you can always try your hand at creating. The Create Discovery Project also made a comeback with its 4th update on my art journey.



This month I went on a much-needed vacation. Right afterward I felt like I needed a vacation to recover from my vacation but it was still fun. I have one more post from my time in New England but until then catch up on What to do in Newport and Providence! 



Instagram switched up the game this month. I wrote about What Instagram Stories Taught Me About the Internet ( + Pros & Cons). I’m obsessed! If I follow you I’ve probably seen all your stories and I post pretty regularly on there. Behind the scenes art stuff, live music, playlists can all be seen there. You can even catch my face sometimes which is sprinkled throughout my Instagram but hasn’t been on the blog in a while. That will change soon though so sit tight!



This month we met Chrysta from Live Love Work and learned what she’s listening to. We also got to know Jenna from Growing in Jersey City and hear her thoughts on living in Jersey City and creativity. 


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What do you think of Violet Roots Issue 11? How did August treat you this year?

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