Can you believe I’ve already created 10 of these? Violet Roots Issue 10 came out of nowhere! I feel like I sound like a broken record whenever I comment on how fast time is going by but it truly is speeding by.

Part of me feels like I maybe should have done something a bit grander for the 10th issue. It is, after all number “10.” That usually connotes some kind of celebration or bigger production. Still, I’m kind of at an odd phase right now in my life and I don’t feel like celebrating all that much.

There is a big change coming my way soon and I wish I could say more but I’ll have to hold off a tiny bit longer before I can share the news, and my mixed emotions, with all of you.

That sounds super mysterious and in case anyone is thinking about pregnancy let me just say right now – No. Haha.

Lately, my Instagram feed has turned into a parade of pregnancy announcements so I thought that I should get that out-of-the-way. Nothing wrong with the baby train and all but I have my own mixed feelings about that subject that we’ll save for another day.

So . . . how did I veer off subject so fast?! I swear the heat is doing all sorts of strange things to my thought patterns lately. Haha. 

Violet Roots Issue 10 is more of a stream of consciousness. My feeble attempt at getting my emotions out without actually talking about the elephant in the room. It’s not as focused on an inspirational message as past issues but I hope you’re able to take something out of it all the same. 

First! Before you dive into the issue make sure you get caught up on anything you may have missed from July! 


We kicked things off on the first of the month with my first in-depth album review of Broods sophomore record Conscious. Next week I’m seeing them, The Hush Sound and many more acts at the Mad Decent Block Party live! It’s going to be a fun music filled week so get excited! 

Then I let you guys in on my shoddy Summer plans and with my Summer Sixteen Playlist and discussed 10 Bands That Should Be Way More Famous! 

Music festivals are still going strong so I also dished about the inaugural Panorama Festival and Lollapalooza (going on right now)!



Guest Poster, Jennifer, introduced us to Sseko Designs and shared an awesome discount just for VR readers! I haven’t shared too much style related content lately mostly for logistical reasons. I know it’s a topic a lot o you enjoy so hopefully I’ll be able to get back to it soon!



This month we valued our Creative Process and took advice from other Creativepreneurs on topics ranging from email lists to social media to business and more!

We also learned how to Easily Streamline Our Content Creation and how to tell the difference between Personal Development and Analysis Paralysis.



Michelle, my latest Music Muse, stopped by to share her music library and love for all thing Avett Brothers!

I also introduced you to Lise! She shared her thoughts on writing, creativity, creating and getting over the struggles that rear their ugly heads along the way. 


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