This time around for Violet Roots Issue 09 I reflected on camaraderie and my mid-year survey responses. There aren’t really any guidelines to blogging so it helps a lot to hear your opinions and thoughts. 

When you aren’t sure which direction to go in or, like me, you’re second guessing your decisions the support of your community is priceless. I’ve been dragging my feet a bit on certain things that I know I should be doing but have been using every excuse in the book not to do.  

Some of those excuses are based in fact but, if I’m honest, plenty of them are pretty flimsy. Telling myself what I should do is one thing but hearing someone else say it is another.

It’s useless to ask for advice in a survey or in any other format if you aren’t open to what people have to say. I’m open and I just want to say thanks to those that shared their thoughts with me.

You’ll learn more about camaraderie and what’s to come in July’s Issue but before you read it, catch up on anything you missed in June! 


We kicked things off with actionable tips to survive your time at Governors Ball Music Festival! A lot of those tips could easily be used for other festivals too but this one was written with Gov Ball in mind. 

The music of Game of Thrones made its third appearance and with the end of the season this past weekend I’m already starting to go through dragon withdrawals. 

Speaking of music, I was thrilled to start my month off seeing PVRIS live at Webster Hall and ending my month with Ellie Goulding at MSG! 

Then I hashed out my concert pet peeves which are a must-read for anyone attending a festival this year!


This month we also checked in with my art journey while discussing how social media can negatively impact your creativity. 


Dora from shared her blogging journey, Una shared her playlist and Chantal let us in on her creative process! 

& lastly, I took a mini break for a Mid-Year Survey. Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to fill it out! Internet hugs all around! 


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