Violet Roots Issue 08 is here and June is just a few short days away! It’s currently 90 degrees on the east coast and although I’m looking forward to the summer months I’m not quite certain I’m ready for the humidity and the heat that comes with it. 

Thankfully I didn’t prematurely melt away before I put this issue together but there were moments when I thought the sun might fry me alive. Did I mention that I’m not the biggest fan of heat? Well as my impending summertime complaints get ever closer it’s time to reflect on the month that’s gone by and to look ahead at what’s to come! 


VR x May

This past month we met an awesome creative coach named Chelsea Karcher, a talented musician named Hannah and got wardrobe advice from Cristina!

I let my Game of Thrones nerd flag fly high not once but twice and I also got a bit girly as I twirled my freshly flat ironed hair!

Beyoncé quenched everyone’s thirst with #Lemonade and I received the internet’s best friend MVP award when I dished on the 17 best FREE Music Apps on the market!

At one point it was raining talented musical men and the next we got serious about blogging every day and nailing down our creative spaces!

& . . . in the last post of the month expect to discover 10 lesser known acts from the Governors Ball Music Festival 2016 lineup!


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Violet Roots Issue 08 is all about respecting what matters most to you and taking the time to “make time” for it in your life. We’re all busy but we become better versions of ourselves when we take a moment to consistently log in some personal time. 

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What do you think of Violet Roots Issue 08? If you’re in the states do you have any memorial day weekend plans?

NOTE: Check out my latest guest post and see a fantastic illustration of me!

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