Violet Roots Issue 05!

You read that right, Violet Beat has gone through a Prince-like transformation and is now Violet Roots, the artist zine letter from the editor series formally known as Violet Beat. As I began to write Violet Roots Issue 05 the initial name of this series lost its luster.

The thought to change the name first came to me last month when I was putting together Issue 04 but I wasn’t quite ready to pull the trigger yet. Initially, back in Issue 01, I liked the idea of the word “beat” like a newspaper and thought it was a cool play on words since I also feature music pretty predominantly. 

Still, if you haven’t noticed the times they are a changin’ (Bob Dylan anyone?) and so has this blog. 

A lot of the changes that have been happening have gone unannounced and most of them have been a slight switch here, a small pivot there, but nothing major. In Violet Roots Issue 05 I chat about the changes that have been going on, why some of them have been big launches like the blogging marathon for my blogiversary giveaway and others, like my shop, have been silent adjustments. 

I think a lot of us get hyped up at the start of the year with all of this energy to change and be better. It’s contagious but I’ve come to realize that the real impactful change happens a few months later. If it’s going to happen at all, you’ve probably discarded all the useless motivational quotes and unrealistic goals and by March, you’re ready to go. That’s how I feel, and I’m interested to see if the thoughts I express in my latest letter from the editor ring true for any of you as well. 

NOTE: Just click the center of the image below and the publication will automatically open and enlarge. From there you’ll be able to zoom in and out and adjust the print to the size that best suits you. When you’re done feel free to share the love and pass Violet Roots Issue 05 along to your internet buddies! Just use the share button at the bottom of the publication screen, or use the direct link to share the issue here!



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