Violet Beat Issue 03!

Hello and we’re back with Violet Beat Issue 03! Merry Christmas to those that celebrate, Happy soon-to-be Kwanzaa to a few others and happy Fri-YAY to all the rest! I’m so nervous about this issue guys. Like I can not tell you enough how nervous I am. In fact just go back and read Issue 02 and Issue 01 instead. . .just kidding! Today I’m sharing my passion with you, my first love before music and before style. Way back before I bought my first CD or before I really fell in love with fashion I was a wordsmith and artist.

By blogging I’m able to get into the writing frame of mind on a regular basis but creative writing is what I used to love and before that there was art. I was always making something. Always scrawling an idea down and then sketching and painting to my heart’s content. I went on an unexpected break from art for several years and I’ve only recently reconnected with it. In Violet Beat Issue 03 I get a bit more personal and delve deeper into my relationship with art and my commitment to reinstate it into my life. Be gentle everyone I haven’t shared my artwork in like…ages! 

NOTE: If you missed the instructions on the new set up last time don’t worry. All you have to do is just click the center of the image below and the publication will automatically open and enlarge. From there you’ll be able to zoom in and out and adjust the print to the size that best suits you. When you’re done feel free to share the love and pass Violet Beat Issue 03 along to your internet buddies! Just use the share button at the bottom on the publication screen, use this link here or click to tweet below!

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What do you think of Violet Beat Issue 03? Wishing everyone an awesome new year &, to those that celebrate, a Merry Christmas!

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