Should You Value Your Creative Process More?

Making sure that you lead a balanced creative lifestyle starts with your process. Time and time again people focus their energy on the endgame. Being goal oriented is great but if you never learn to value your creative process you’re missing the point. 

How can you appreciate your latest milestone if you don’t take the time to reflect on your journey?

For this post, I won’t be referencing any particular industry, hobby or craft. As discussed by many other creatives on Violet Roots, in community features, we’re all creative in our own way. Most of you know that I’m an artist and a writer, although I don’t publicly share my creative writing. 

Regardless of the industry, the one thing that we have in common is the process and series of steps that lead us to where we are. The actual steps may be different but it’s a process all the same. I just want you to cherish each moment of the ride! 

We’ve discussed the benefits of having a dedicated creative space. Today, let’s see exactly why you should value your creative process more!



Immediate Satisfaction

I paint when I’m feeling down. I paint when I’m thrilled and I paint when I need to unwind. The joy of doing what you love is instantaneous! No matter what your passion is the act of actually doing it is immediately satisfying. 

When I go to a live show I always get a rush when the performer takes the stage. When I feel inspired to write a new poem I always feel a sense of relief once I put a pen to paper. 

Simply starting the process is satisfying!


Being Present

You should take the time to savor the things you love doing. Whether blogging brings you happiness or backpacking across Europe. Whatever it is, just take the time to be present in that moment.  

If your passion is your hobby then you’re engaging in it as a form of escapism. Don’t worry about social media, the bills you have to pay tomorrow or the meeting you might have in a few hours.

That’s easier said than done but mentally disengaging from stressful distractions will help you to value your creative process (Click to Tweet). When you’re fully present as you create you notice more and appreciate more. 


Should You Value Your Creative Process More? - Learn to value your creative process and discover how you can bring immediate satisfaction and long-term transformation into your creative lifestyle.


The Spillover Effect

Okay, so you’ve experienced the initial high of creating. You got a little zen and made an effort to live in the moment. So what other benefits are there when you value your creative process more? You’re able to return to your pressing responsibilities and mundane tasks with more energy than before. 

Life can be rough and we can end up feeling depleted if we don’t take time for ourselves. (Click to Tweet) When you focus on your creative pursuits and just give yourself a second to relax you approach the rest of your day with positivity. 

I get way more done when I’m in a good mood than when I’m stressed out and I’m sure it’s the same for you. 


Should You Value Your Creative Process More?


Long-term Transformation

As you get comfortable with your individual process you’ll start to develop creative habits. We’ll talk about the importance of maintaining a routine later so get excited! For now, I want you to walk away with the big picture in mind. If you learn to value your creative process you’ll begin to grow and evolve in ways you never thought possible.

Each step in your process teaches you something new. During your journey, you’ll be transformed and will become a more well-rounded creative. Use that transformation to propel your next move.


So, Should You Value Your Creative Process?

Yes! There are many things to learn and see in this world. None of them appeared out of thin air. They all developed over time through the work and personal journeys of others.

The sooner you appreciate your own creative journey, and the big and small moments along the way, the better your creative successes will be!



Do you value your creative process? How do you plan to embrace the journey?

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