Must See Underrated Acts from Governors Ball 2016

It goes without saying that the awesome headliners from this weekend’s 2016 lineup are worth seeing but what about those underrated acts from Governors Ball? 

Everyone is going to talk about The Strokes, The Killers, and Kanye West. Those big names are buzz words and click bait for the masses but there is plenty of talent within the lineup that’s outside of these massive artists.

Last year I went to Gov Ball and saw amazing acts like Florence + the Machine, Marina and the Diamonds, Lana Del Ray and more. A lot of the artists on the roster were acts like Deadmau5 and Drake who were on my must see lists and last year, once the lineup was announced, getting a 3-day pass was pretty much a no-brainer for me.

This year, however, over half of the lineup was made up of acts that I had previously seen – some of them more than once and quite a few of them for free. I’ve gotten to the point where when I see Years & Years are coming to town I buy a ticket – no questions asked. They’re THAT good. Since they’re on the bill this year I may have done the same but I happen to be seeing them just a couple of weeks later with Ellie Goulding. 

Chvrches, Haim, Kanye West, Vic Mensa, The Knocks, Tor Miller and more are all entertaining acts that I would happily see again but the big-ticket price of a festival seemed like an excessive expense if I wasn’t going to see that many new performances. 

I wrestled with the decision whether or not to go for quite some time. I weighed the pros and the cons of attending a festival and I heavily researched other summer festivals I could attend instead. 


10 Underrated Acts from Governors Ball 2016 - Headed to Governors Ball 2016? Check out these 10 must see underrated acts from Governors Ball (+ bonuses) and add them to your festival lineup!


Me & The Strokes & The Killers

The hardest part of making my decision not to go was the fact that I really, Really, REALLY, REALLLLLLLY want to see The Strokes and The Killers live. I don’t think you can call yourself a music kid back in the 2000s and not want to see one or both of those bands play.

The Strokes’ debut album Is This It came out when I was eleven back in 2001 and was the first record that I rented from the library. I’m not quite sure if I ever gave it back if I’m totally honest.

Then in high school, The Killers came out with Hot Fuss when I was fourteen and Brandon Flowers pretty much ruined me musically for quite some time. These bands were major influences for me but when it comes down to it I can pay to see each of them individually and probably pay less than what I would over the course of three days at the festival.

So there you have it. I won’t be seeing The Strokes or The Killers this weekend, but I know I’ll make it happen eventually. Still, the best part of going to festivals is the slew of rising raw talent on display. Each year everyone checks out the lineups and the big names get all the hype but I think it’s about time that someone shed some light on the underrated acts from Governors Ball!

This week scroll on down and give your ears a bit of bliss in the form of these awesome underrated acts from Governors Ball Music Festival. Keep your eyes peeled for more festival features and in the meantime listen to more playlists and all featured artists on Spotify! 



Whilk & Misky

Christine and the Queens

Eliot Sumner

Jon Bellion



Thomas Jack

Duke Dumont

Marian Hill

Public Access TV

Black Pistol Fire


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Louis the Child || SoundCloud

What do you think of these underrated acts from Governors Ball 2016? Have you seen any of them or do you plan to?

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