The Value of a Creative Space

Let’s have a moment of behind the scenes real talk. The value of a creative space is something that isn’t talked about nearly as much as it should be. I’m a blogger, a writer and an artist who is unofficially one semester away from a PhD in all things Game of Thrones & ASOIAF. Haha. With all that being said it becomes difficult to juggle the projects on my plate in different disciplines without a creative corner for me to work in. 

When I was younger I could create anywhere at any time. Whenever inspiration hit me I could drop everything and jot down my ideas. It didn’t matter if I was in class, at dinner or if I hid under the sheets past my bedtime. I was even known to tough it out through motion sickness in order to read one more line of a story or poem I was editing. 

On occasion, I still suffer from motion sickness but those days are few and far between. With more and more adult responsibilities being hurled my way it’s becoming clear to me that my flexibility has decreased.

I find that I’m usually able to successfully create when I have my creative space in order. Today I’d like to share five benefits you’ll experience if you appreciate the value of a creative space too!




I’m not exactly a minimalist. One look at this site and it becomes pretty clear that I like color and lots of it. Still, one of the main benefits of having your own creative space is that it’s easier to focus on your passion. When you’re at home or in a coffee shop it’s easy for your eye to wander to the mess in the kitchen or to start people watching across the shop.

Some people can get brilliant work done in cafe’s and at home. Still, the point I’m trying to make is that it helps to have a place to go to when you want to create.

Whether you’re creating as a hobby or you’re doing it to pay the bills you can focus with ease. Just shut out the world as you close the door to your home studio! In a smaller space? You’ll have an easier time working at home when you have a seat at the corner desk you’ve set up.

By developing this creative habit your brain will train itself to focus once you enter your creative space. We’ll discuss what should be in your space in a future post but it’s important to note that wherever you chose to make your space it should be in an area away from daily distractions.  


The Value of a Creative Space (& 5 Benefits) - Learn the value of a creative space and discover how you can bring focus, organization, legitimacy, consistency and freedom into your creative lifestyle.



Once you have a space picked out an added bonus of crafting your set up is that all of your tools are now in one place! If you have several notebooks with your genius spread across the house or if you have paintbrushes in a cup next to the sink (I swear I’ll move those soon) you’re making your life more difficult than it needs to be. 

In your creative space, you’ll have all the necessary materials in the same spot. You won’t have to stress yourself out with making sure you’re able to locate everything. The occasional writer’s block may hit. If you’re already stressed and anxious before you even begin to work then you’re setting yourself up for failure.



From time to time, no matter what industry you’re in, we all suffer from self-doubt. When you’re a creative even if you confidently love writing poetry in your down time or if you’re a full-time illustrator there are still times when that confidence wanes. Having a studio or an office space for you to create your next masterpiece gives subtle legitimacy to your passion. 

Think about it. If you get up in the morning and head to your office job or if you walk into your home office you’ll be more inclined to take whatever it is that you’re doing seriously. If you do the same activities in your pajamas at the kitchen table or in your bed your perspective on what you’re creating will most likely suffer.

This isn’t to say that you can’t make things happen in your pj’s. A fair amount of what you see on Violet Roots was made with pajamas and disheveled hair! 

Still, if you ever feel yourself slipping down the rabbit hole of second guesses and negative self-talk a change of scenery should help. After all, visuals matter and what we surround ourselves with has the power to inform our mood and beliefs. The value of a creative space is that it has the ability to reframe how you think.


The Value of a Creative Space (& 5 Benefits) - Learn the value of a creative space and discover how you can bring focus, organization, legitimacy, consistency and freedom into your creative lifestyle.



In order to have a healthy creative life, you have to have a plan. That doesn’t sound particularly sexy but it’s true. Humans are creatures of habit. If you ever want to develop a fulfilling creative lifestyle then you need to have respect for your routine.

Once you have that schedule down you’ll be more likely to consistently take advantage of your new space. If you know that every Wednesday night you pop over to your art studio then beforehand you’ll be more likely to have the rest of your life squared away. 

This isn’t like forcing yourself to go to the gym if you’re not someone who enjoys working out. We’re not talking about prepping your meals for the week for a family of four if you hate cooking. You’ve worked creative time into your routine because you’re eager to have time to do what you love. Once you’ve developed a solid schedule it’ll be no time before you’re able to regularly benefit from the value of a creative space.  



Freedom might seem like the antithesis of a “routine” but hear me out for a second. When you’ve crafted your brand new oasis of creativity the sky becomes the limit! You can create today, tomorrow, or check in once a month. Your schedule is entirely up to you. Your space is a design entirely made by you.

The value of a creative space is that ultimately it’s yours to do with as you please. When you have a corner or room to yourself for the sole purpose of doing what lights you up you’re setting yourself up for success.

You may not hit it out of the park every time you sit down to take another crack at that novel. The colors in your head may never exactly translate to your canvas. Ultimately, a designated place to create will not banish all of the typical struggles we face as creatives. That’s pretty much just a part of life. Still, taking the time to find a creative space away from the distractions and difficulties of everyday life is a great way to minimize the roadblocks you do encounter.


What do you think is the value of a creative space?

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