The Hush Sound Anniversary Tour

One of the underlying themes for this month has been “throwback” and The Hush Sound Anniversary Tour was, for me, exactly that! After seeing Kesha earlier in the month and now this I feel like I’ve hit the rewind button. 

This concert was my second time seeing them, the first was also at Webster Hall when they opened for another throwback band – Rooney. If you don’t remember Rooney just think back to The OC. A few of their songs appeared on the show and they even performed in this episode!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the band, they grew in popularity somewhere around the mid-late 2000s during the time that I was in high school.

When I think of The Hush Sound I automatically get transported back to where I was at that moment in my life. It’s hard to think that I’m even the same person since so much around me has changed.

Before we walk down memory lane and check out some grainy millennium videos make sure you catch up with my Broods and Mad Decent Block Party 2016 recaps! Also, keep your eyes peeled for more live music features and in the meantime listen to more playlists and all featured artists on Spotify! 


Meeting the Band

One of the few things that hasn’t changed is my love for music. Almost every song or album reminds me of the general space I was in at that time in my life. Where I lived, who my friends were, what guy I was dating and so on. The Hush Sound Anniversary tour transported me back to my 16-year-old self.

A quick scroll through my dusty Facebook albums and I also saw that I have a picture back from when I met the band. Since we’ve been friends for a while now I’m going to share the pictures I took with lead singers Bob and Greta and the other members. Apparently, I was into layering necklaces before it was cool but other than that it’s pretty embarrassing. Be kind.



‘Like Vines’ 10 Year Anniversary

Their sophomore album was a solid record with a wide range of foot tapping jams as well as slower melodies. It’s been ten whole years since that came out and just typing that makes me feel a bit like a relic. Where did the time go guys?!

While I was watching them perform I realized that I used one of their lyrics as my high school yearbook quote. If that’s not a throwback epiphany then I don’t know what is!


Bob and Greta are the Best

To give you an idea of how awesome and down to earth the band members are let me tell you a story. In the middle of the set Bob, one of the lead singers, passed around a half empty wine glass to the audience members directly in front of him. He asked them to smell it and whoever could correctly guess the type of wine would win a prize. 

It was a Hush Sound puzzle and after a few incorrect tries he gave the hint “Tina Fey’s last TV show.”

The correct guess was Pinot Noir. 

If that doesn’t give you a clue about their personalities than the end of this story might. As he gave the puzzle to the winner he then teased that he was going to also give a 100 dollar gift card to Chipotle. Which, cmon, who doesn’t want that?

It ended up actually being a 5 dollar Taco Bell gift card but the fun-loving sensibility still shines through! Haha.


The Ultimate Singalong

The Hush Sound Anniversary mind as well have been rebranded as “The Ultimate Singalong!” I mean we all had 10 years to get the lyrics down but I don’t think I’ve ever been to a show before where everyone clearly shouted the lyrics. 

Sometimes you’ll just hear a general sound or you’ll hear a faint echo from the people (aka me) singing along to the song. Not here. At this show, it seemed like each and every single person knew the words by heart.  

The band skipped the encore portion in order to make sure they finished their set on time. They broke a few of their songs up just talking to the crowd and warned that this was the reason why they got into trouble. They’d get busy talking and cut into their set.  





 What do you think of The Hush Sound Anniversary Tour? Do you remember them? What bands from the past would you want to see again?

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