How to support amazing creatives


There are so many incredibly talented people in this world yet not enough people take the time to fully appreciate what they do. If you want to support amazing creatives in your community, or even outside of it then you have to be more than just talk. Liking a tweet from a poet or writing a quick “Love this!” on a style bloggers, Instagram is simply not enough. 

Does it help? Of course, it does. Still, if you want to provide a solid foundation for your favorite creative to thrive off of then you have to put in some legwork yourself. After all, a lot of energy, blood, sweat and sometimes tears go into creative work. Pretty craftsmanship with a glossy finish is taken for granted when fans are passive. (Click to Tweet)

A while back I offered some tips on how to thank your followers. The post is old (be kind) but the points still ring true. I think it’s important to always give back to those who show up for you and enjoy what you do. Still, life is filled with two-way streets and every healthy relationship involves reciprocal participants.


How to Support Amazing Creatives - Support amazing creatives in and outside of your community by becoming an advocate, sharing their work, offering constructive criticism and more!


Why you should support creatives

It’s easy to be a fan of someone’s work but not every fan is a tried and true supportive one. Plenty of people are passive fans. They enjoy someone else’s work, they might even mention it every now and then to others. Think of a music fan who never buys the music. Or a TV show fan who falls behind and waits until the full season is up on Netflix. 

Both may really like that musician or that show but they aren’t showing their support where and when it counts. Music acts make a good chunk of their money touring these days but if you don’t buy a ticket or even the album then you’re not being as supportive as you can be. TV shows rely on buzz and ratings to survive. If you wait until you can stream it on Netflix you’ve missed your chance to make your views count. 

The point is that you need to be an active fan in the moment when it matters. If you have the chance to spread the word and show up then do so. Creatives need you now, not later. (Click to Tweet) If you want them to keep doing what they love and keep making what you love then you have to be willing to offer your support. 

Not sure how? Scroll down and find out exactly how to support amazing creatives both in and outside of your community.



Share their content on Social Media

Social media is a quick and easy way to support amazing creatives. Any social shares that I receive are always appreciated and it’s especially nice when you’re not expecting it. You never know what kind of day someone is having. Getting a social share from an unexpected source can seem small to you but it can be just the thing to completely turn around someone’s day.

It takes literally one second to hit the share button. If you love what someone has to offer then this option is a no-brainer. Happy Sharing!


Become an advocate

There are pretty much an endless amount of ways that you can become an advocate. Find out how to be a brand ambassador, volunteer your time, or simply become a word of mouth warrior. Do whatever works best for you and comes naturally to you. After all, you’re not doing anyone any favors if you don’t come off as believable when you try to sell someone else on a brand. 

On Violet Roots, my Creative Command interview series is my way of becoming an advocate for other creative women. The personal tone of the series is a natural fit for me and my audience. Figure out what works best for you and use that platform to let other people know how they can support amazing creatives too. 


How to Support Amazing Creatives - Support amazing creatives in and outside of your community by becoming an advocate, sharing their work, offering constructive criticism and more!


Give Feedback

This one is a bit tricky. No creative wants unsolicited feedback. If they’re not open to critiques and not in an environment or mental state to accept them then don’t give them. It’s pretty simple but sadly some people have a problem with accepting that.

A lot of creatives, but not all, come from a creative background. Either they’re self-taught and create solely for the love of it or they’re professionally trained. In the latter scenario, you’re dealing with someone who is 100% used to receiving constructive criticism as well as giving it. In the other situation that may not always be the case. 

Either way, the key here is the word “constructive.” If you’re ever asked for your opinion think before you speak. If you know how to offer advice and insight without being blunt, harsh, or careless in your phrasing then, by all means, do it.

Creative growth happens when you allow yourself to respond to the reactions of others without losing your own perspective in the process. (Click to Tweet) Support amazing creatives in and outside of your community by giving them the tools and the feedback they need. 


Use Your dollar

Pretty obvious, huh? When you use your dollar it goes a long way. You’re not only financially supporting the creative of your choice you’re also giving them a confidence boost. It’s one thing to love creating and to love what you create. Every creative, regardless of their industry, at least has that in common. However, it’s an entirely different thing to know others love your work so much that they’re willing to give you their hard-earned money to get it. 

Think about the kind of confidence boost that gives someone. I remember when I made my first sale from my shop. It was a total shock to me and I couldn’t believe it! I’ve always created, I’ve always loved what I create, but I never really thought someone would pay for it. Growing up family and friends would tell me that they liked my work but seeing a total stranger take that kind of interest was out of this world!

If you truly want to make a lasting impact in a creatives life then this tactic is the way to go! Plus, you’ll get something tangible in return. 


Work together

This option may not be as obvious as the last one. You may admire someone else’s work, follow them on Instagram, tell everyone you know about them but have you worked together? Social media may be a great way to share your favorite creatives talent with the world but it’s also a fantastic way to connect with them. 

Find their contact info, shoot them a direct message or leave a comment on their latest post. It may not always work out but collaborating can have incredible results. Maybe you’re a photographer and you’d like to offer to shoot high-quality images of their jewelry line. Or maybe you work at an event space and they’d be perfect for an upcoming exhibition. The options really are endless and who knows, you might just make a new friend! 


How do you support the amazing creatives in and outside of your community?

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