Summer Sixteen Playlist

As the summer kicks off my playlists tend to take a more festive turn. Anything with a solid beat that I can envision listening to in a top-down convertible is a go! This Summer Sixteen playlist is just a taste of the anthems that are bound to make the hottest season a memorable one.

If you’re not a Drake fan or if pop culture terminology is not your thing then you may not be aware of the fact that Drake has a song titled “Summer Sixteen.” He also has a tour starting later this month, with fellow rapper Future, by the same name. 

Because of this, I would be remiss if I didn’t link to that song here. It’s a decent song and worthy of a late Saturday night listen or a moment where you’re “lookin’ for revennnnnge” Game of Throne style. Listen and you’ll get that flimsy joke I just threw in there. hah.  

Now, if you’re scrolling through Instagram you’ll know what that #SummerSixteen hashtag is all about. For kicks, I checked the #SummerFifteen to see if there was a difference between the hashtag’s pre and post-Drake association. There is about a 194k difference.  

Power of celebrity right? Well, we may not be Drake or have Drake-like money to make it rain endless vacays this season but this Summer Sixteen playlist is the next best thing! 


Summer Sixteen Playlist 1


My Summer Sixteen

This summer is going to be a weird one for me. Unlike previous years I have less live music planned and less plans in general. Although this was intentional it’s not exactly what I wanted. 

Heading into this season I knew that A, my partner in crime, would almost be like a figment of my imagination. He had a killer third year of his residency and walked away with a stack of awards so – duh – I’m proud!

Now we’re onto the fourth year and we’re ready for the final stretch! It’s pretty exciting but it’s also really stressful. We don’t know where we’re going to be living in a year. Will he get placed at a hospital close to home or will we have to go across the country, down south, or even leave the states altogether?

Nobody knows! 

This summer A will be flying out to different hospitals for interviews, teaching incoming interns, studying statistics and basically living at the hospital.

We can’t make plans farther than a week in advance since he might have to go to another interview. With that in mind, for this season spontaneity is key! Things will get less intense when fall rolls in but let’s just say I might be dancing to this Summer Sixteen playlist without him. 

Either way, I plan to make the best of the moments we do have together. We also have an anniversary coming up and maybe a week off in August so there’s always a silver lining!

The Tunes

Keep in mind that some of the songs featured are relatively new, some are old and from varying music styles. This week scroll on down and give your ears a bit of bliss in the form of Dua Lipa, Zella Day, Robin Schulz, Yellow Claw & Flux Pavilion. You can listen to more playlists and all featured artists on Spotify!


What songs will be on your summer sixteen playlist?

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