Summer 2015 couldn’t get here soon enough! 

When I first started to write this post I sat alone in a hoodie with some major sniffles and an achy body (the kind that causes you to miss out on concerts). I was feeling cold, it was ridiculously windy outside and the sun had pretty much taken a leave of absence. Still, all anyone can talk about is how Summer is almost here and it’s time to whip out those bikinis and claim your spot in the sand. Everyone knows that Spring weather can be hot one day and cold the next and maybe it was just my horrible cold talking but I was feeling skeptical. Then Memorial Day Weekend came along over in The States and it’s like the weather decided to propel us into the middle of July! I spent the weekend enjoying the sun’s return and taking advantage of being able to bare my legs again despite being a bit under the weather. I still have my sniffles going now so it doesn’t quite feel like Summer is upon us yet but it doesn’t mean I’m immune from daydreaming about what Summer 2015 has to offer.

summer 2015 bucket list1

Below I’ve gathered up a list of things I plan on doing during those 90 days of summer. Some of them have been in the works for awhile, some are summer rituals, and others would just simply be a nice change of pace.

Governors Ball Music Festival, Mad Decent Block Party & more!

  • Concerts are pretty much an all year round thing for me but I’ve made sure to make it to at least one music festival every year. Summer 2015 won’t be any different! This year I’ll be attending Governors Ball Music Festival for the first time and I can’t wait to share the 3 day fest with all of you! It’s technically still in Spring (1st weekend in June) but no one thinks of June as “Spring” anyways. Later in the summer I’ll also be attending Mad Decent Block Party as well as some other concerts I’ll be sure to share with all of you!

Beach, Beach & more Beach!

  • I will be spending a lot more time at the beach this summer than I probably ever have. I know the sea and sand combo is a given for some but I usually only do it about 3x max every season. I’m more of a city girl than a sand girl but I do enjoy it whenever I manage to go. My partner, A, grew up spending tons of time at the beach and so I’ll be tagging along with him a bit more often this year.

summer 2015 bucket list 4

Fourth of July Fireworks!

  • This goes without saying but I’m pretty sure I was sick and missed them last year. When it comes time for the fireworks again this year I’ll be there!

Be a Tourist for a Day, or Two . . . or a Weekend!

  • Some of you might already know but A is from Beirut and wasn’t born in The States. There are a ton of things I’ve already seen that he hasn’t so one of my Summer 2015 plans is to be an NYC area tourist as much as possible with him so he can see all the things I sometimes take for granted. That includes museums, landmarks, neighborhoods, restaurants, hikes, movies in Brooklyn Bridge Park etc.

Walkway Over the Hudson!

  • This is an activity I only recently heard about but feel like it would make a nice day trip. It’s a pedestrian bridge walkway on the Hudson River with beautiful views. You can get more info on that here.

Summer 2015 bucket list 5


  • Pure nature. I’ve never been to the Adirondacks and a trip here would be an excellent way to unplug and see what the world has to offer outside of a screen.

Flea Markets, Vintage Shops, & Thrift Stores!

  • I love vintage shopping and wandering around flea markets. I haven’t been in a while and Summer 2015 is the perfect time to try to hunt down a few more items for the nest. I could also use a bit of a closet update and there is no better place to find unique threads than in a thrift store.


  • Is there a better way to spend the season than at a rooftop bar? I think not.

Summer 2015 bucket list 3

Hat: Urban Outfitters, Top: Thrifted, Skirt: Hawks, Shoes: H&M

What are your Summer 2015 plans? Do you have any must-do bucket list items?

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