Guest Post: How to Start Your Creative Journey


What I am about to share is my creative journey but it also could be yours.


Living the expected life

I have always been a creative person, like to draw, build things, to design, to create new ways of doing things.

As I grew up, school system, society and mostly me, end with my creative side, well not end, it was hidden in the bottom of my soul. I was doing what I was supposed to be doing, study a degree and work for a company. Even when I wasn´t working I was doing what I was supposed to be doing, watch TV, cook, housekeeping, workout a bit, going outdoors or somewhere else during the weekends. Can you relate to that?


Waking up

I was just living, without purpose, not knowing where to go, driving without a map, just following the people. However, while I was living the life I was supposed to live, I was thinking that someday when I have time, I will draw again, learn watercolors, build some furniture… All the time I was making excuses, as money or time, as if it has nothing to do with me. Maybe, I was expecting the days to change themselves into 25 hours by magic, so I could have my extra hour to achieve all the things I was delaying.


The new beginning

Until one day, I thought that it was enough, if I wanted to really do something in my life I have to do it, if I wanted to live my own life, I would have to begin to work on it and create it. All was in my hands, obviously, it’s my life, no one else’s. Then, if I wanted to achieve anything in this life I would have to go and get it.

How will I do it?

Now, I think differently, I think that if I don´t have time I will create it, there will be no excuses.

So, how will I create time? The answer was simple, just prioritizing and managing my time efficiently. Therefore, from that moment in my life I would prioritize my creative side also.

This is when I created my blog, Blackco, as a way to commit to keep creating, but also as a way to help others to achieve their dream life.


How to Start Your Creative Journey - Start your creative journey by prioritizing creativity as a whole. Learn to incorporate it into your everyday life with tips by guest contributor Leti.

Image by Leti via Blackco.


Instructions to a creative life

If you are in this situation, wanting to create your own life and making excuses, or maybe you are already working on it and just need a bit of motivation. If this is your case, follow these steps.


1. Know what you want

Think about want you want to do in your life. How do you want your life to be? What do you want to achieve? Feel curious about something?.

Knowing where to go is the first step.

A good tip is making a vision board, it will help you to reflect on your life. Besides, watch your life objectives daily will encourage you to keep working, keep moving forward, it will motivate you. Also, you will do short visualization exercises, a very powerful mind exercise to success.


Need help to make a vision board?

No problem, I’ve got you covered, check out how to make a vision board here.


If you do not know what you want to accomplish in your life, keep searching, be curious about everything, do not settle.


2. Make a plan

Now that you know where you want to go, you need a route, a plan. The plan will transform your dreams into reality.

When I say “make a plan”, it’s not just thinking about it, in fact, make a written plan. So, take your life goals and split them into tasks and plan them.

There are tons of planning systems, a paper planner, an app, a calendar, or just a blank sheet with a list of tasks, whatever fits your needs.

In order to prioritize the tasks, I have created a prioritizing system, the Priority Planner.

The Priority Planner will help you to prioritize tasks which help you to accomplish your life objective over tasks that don´t, tasks that you want to do over tasks that you have to do.


Interested in trying this prioritizing method? Why not? 

Get your Free Daily Priority Planner!


3. Time to work

You already know what you want to achieve and how you will do it, it is time to work on it!

Work consistently, daily and you will achieve anything.

Sometimes, you will feel overwhelmed, or you will think that is too much work and the objective is still very far. It is totally fine to feel like that, we have all been there but, do not give up. Keep moving, as slow as you want, at your own pace but keep going. The only way to reach your goal is to move towards it, if not you will not reach it never, never, and this is not an option.


How to Start Your Creative Journey - Start your creative journey by prioritizing creativity as a whole. Learn to incorporate it into your everyday life with tips by guest contributor Leti.

Creative journey Image provided by Leti via Blackco.


Now, just follow these steps and achieve your dream life, only you can do it.

– Leti

Bio: I am not a designer, not an illustrator, not a photographer… I am just a creative person who really wants to keep creating. This is what Blackco is about. I have created this blog as a way to commit to keep creating, as a motivation, a way to share interests and curiosities. Let’s see where this new adventure takes me. Instagram || Facebook


How did you start your creative journey? What do you think of these tips?

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