Game of Thrones Playlist (II)

I can’t believe that the sixth season of Game of Thrones is already half way done! When you’re truly enjoying yourself time is not on your side. It’s always bittersweet when you look up and notice that you don’t have much longer left but a great Game of Thrones playlist is always a nice perk!

Still, I’m not going to get ahead of myself. There are still five episodes left so I don’t need to start freaking out yet.

This is the first season that I’ve been in the dark as to what to expect. As a book reader, even though the show switches things up there are still general plot points that you anticipate seeing. For season six only a few storylines are still left to be told until the sixth book finally hits bookshelves.

Last night’s episode was an emotional rollercoaster for me. I’m going to keep things spoiler free but man I felt like my heart was being taken for a ride. There was one really satisfying moment in last week’s episode and now I know that we were given that little nugget of happiness most likely because they knew they were about to repeatedly rip our hearts out and then stomp all over it for an hour during the following episode.

As I write this I’m still trying to process what I just saw. After sticking with this show for years now I’m beginning to wonder if Thrones fans, myself included, are just a bunch of repressed masochists. How else could you explain our continual and increasing obsession with a series that not only makes you feel all the feels alllll the time but also owns stock in your tears?

Guys, I’m going to need an entire week to recover from this one. I think I’m going to have to track down a support group and maybe even have a positive affirmations session before I watch the rest of the season. Someone’s heart can only take so much abuse in one sitting y’know? Haha.

Spotify x Game of Thrones Playlist: The Lion, Stag & Rose - Celebrate G.O.T season 6 with playlists for each of our fave characters from Westeros! Match your musical tastes with a Spotify x Game of Thrones Playlist!


In all seriousness though I had heard through the grapevine that episode 6×05 was an “all-timer” and now I know why. This series finds a way to constantly top itself and truly makes you feel for so many characters. I’m used to rooting for one or two characters in a show but with this franchise I find myself wanting the best for almost the entire cast! 

It’s due to the amazing performances and the beyond excellent source material that is the books. I love how very few characters are one dimensional and that even most of the “bad” guys have a sympathetic quality to them. Not all of the stories are translated as best as they could be but they’ve done a much better job at it than I ever could.

The last episode is probably going to have me traumatized for quite some time and I maybe shouldn’t have watched it right before bed. Still, I’m going to think happy thoughts, listen to the character playlists on Spotify and hope they go easy on me next week!

If you’d like to see which character you’re most like take the Spotify quiz here!

This week scroll on down to the Game of Thrones playlist and give your ears a bit of bliss in the form of Queens of the Stone Age, Weezer, Mumford & Sons, Brand New, Echo and the Bunnymen, & Hozier. You can listen to more playlists and all featured artists on Spotify! 


The Lion || House Lannister





The Stag || House Baratheon


I’m adding Joffrey here even though he technically should be somewhere else. In the interest of not being super spoilery, I’m just going to keep this list simple. 



The Rose || House Tyrell


Has a show ever just left your heart in shambles? If you watched do you feel my pain? Share which song from this Game of Thrones playlist is your favorite!

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