No Sleeves!

A couple weeks ago the temperatures soared to nearly 80 degrees by me. You know what that means? It means that I was not only able to prance around town without a coat on but I was also able to be totally and utterly sleeveless. This also happened to be the same day that Game of Thrones returned to kick off it’s 5th season so I was pretty much over the moon and filled to the brim with happiness. If you’d like to know what an obsession looks like you can read more about my G.O.T. love affair here.

Since that near 80 degree day the weather has stubbornly stayed within it’s routine Springtime yo-yo. On Monday we’ll have 78 degree summer vibes followed by torrential downpours on Tuesdays and chilly sunless Wednesdays. Yesterday afternoon the scenery changed every 20-30 minutes from a combination of thick clouds and heavy rain to golden sunshine and then back again to rain. I’m all for warmer temperatures, I’m crazy about the fresh smelling Spring air and the ability to at times go sleeveless. However I can’t help but have a bit of a love-hate relationship with a season that is notorious for its unpredictability.

I’m the sort of person that loves to know as many variables about a situation as possible so I can plan things accordingly. I can be a bit of a perfectionist and with a season like Spring it’s sometimes hard to aim for the best outcome when you don’t even know what the weather holds for your day. Still, I’d much rather be sitting here semi-complaining about the inconsistency of mid to late 70 degree days than whining about having to deal with yet another snowstorm. After all, people tend to want what they can’t have and a consistent weather flow is something that Spring will certainly not be giving us anytime soon. If we fast forward a few months I’m sure I’ll be sour over one too many consecutive August heatwaves. So, with that being said, for now I’ll do my best to embrace Spring and all the outfits I previously had to stare at longingly that I can now officially regularly wear.

purple pants outfit

Purple Hair

purple pants outfit

Dragon Egg Gold Chain Necklace Notice that dragon egg? Most fans of Game of Thrones will have a favorite house or two or three that they throw their support behind. As a book reader and a TV show fan I have different allegiances depending on which medium I’m discussing. Some stay the same as where others drastically change. I wont get into the specifics since I know that (sadly no tragically) not everyone watches the show however whether you’ve seen the show or not I’m sure you find dragons impressive. For me, if I can’t come across a flying fire breather in real life then the next best thing is sporting a dragon egg around my neck! There also may or may not be a dragon ear crawler not pictured as well.

Purple Pants Outfit

Hat: Urban Outfitters, Vest: Levi’s, Pants: Gap, Shoes: H&M, Necklaces: Baublebar & Gift

How are you handling the back and forth Springtime weather? Have you gone into sleeveless territory yet? Feel free to share and just know that I wont mind if you drop a G.O.T. reference in your reply.

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