The Ryn Weaver Experience

This Monday I’m going to take you through my thoughts on Ryn Weaver and her openers ASTR and HOLYCHILD in a way that’s a bit different from my other music posts. Before I get to the knitty gritty I have to explain my history with Ryn Weaver.

I have none.

Well, that might be taking it a bit far. I’m aware of Ryn Weaver in the way that some people might only be aware of Tove Lo through her hit songs “Talking Bodies” or “Habits (Stay High).” Love Tove Lo by the way – she’s such a fun ball of energy live! Now back to Ryn. . .what I’m trying to say is that I’ve been aware of her major hit “Octahate”(included below) for quite some time now and it’s definitely made it onto a playlist or two of mine. Still, other than that and one other song, I didn’t really have much of an opinion on her. A while back during the summer when her album dropped I was full-blown obsessed with Zella Day’s Kicker album and decided to take a break from it to check out what else Ryn Weaver had to offer. 

I listened to the album, called The Fool,  straight through and I remember feeling sort of indifferent about what I heard. Normally when I listen to a record for the first time there is at least a couple of songs that immediately stick and that cause me to instinctually hit the replay button. With her album, I didn’t have that reaction. I didn’t dislike it but I didn’t have much of an opinion.

Months past and I sort of forgot about the whole thing. Then one day recently I received an email asking me if I wanted to enter to win a pair of tickets to see Ryn Weaver with supporting acts ASTR and HOLYCHILD at Webster Hall in NYC. I’ve seen both bands once before and I actually really enjoy ASTR (HOLYCHILD is cool too). Just so you all know, I receive emails almost daily from various music publications, concert halls, musicians etc. advertising upcoming shows and free tickets so this isn’t anything new. I thought “eh I’ll give it a try. I probably won’t win though and I’ll probably be okay with that either way.” 

The next day I won.

I’m always down for free music so I thought why not give Ryn Weaver another go and if it turned out that I still wasn’t moved by her music then I would at least be able to see ASTR again. I played through her album again to get familiar with the tracks but when I started to head out to the city the weather started to turn sour. At first, it was just a bit of rain and then things took a turn for the worse. 

At the risk of sounding like a brat, I HATE buses. It may just be because I’m used to taking trains or it may be because I just live in an area now where the bus system sucks. I’m not really sure but I’ve had decent transportation with buses in Ithaca, Australia, and San Francisco so it’s possible. Anyway, I waited at the bus stop for a bus that never came. The rain got increasingly worse, the wind picked up, my umbrella was useless and it started to get cold. My pants were soaked and before I knew it the rest of me was getting increasingly more and more disheveled as time passed. Other buses were passing me and after a while, my mind drifted toward thoughts of self-preservation. 

This might sound a bit dramatic for a bit of rain but just wait. 

It gets worse.

So I gave into my wet pants and decided to call it quits. Ryn Weaver fought the rain and the rain won (The Clash anyone?). Then I realized I didn’t have my keys and I had to wait for A to get back from work. I left the house after 4:30 and it was already after 5, close to 6 at this point. For some that might mean that they’ll almost be home but for a surgeon in the middle of residency that means nothing. Office hours are kind of something you just dream about forlorn and despondent. 

A didn’t get home until after 7pm. When he arrived I was huddled under an awning and was in a horrible mood. He’s a saint for putting up with me. 

I never made it to see Ryn Weaver. If she continues to garner the kind of buzz that she’s been getting lately I’m sure our paths will cross again. Until then I’m just happy to be out of those wet clothes. 

Some of the songs featured in this playlist are relatively new, some are old and from varying music styles. This week scroll on down and give your ears a bit of bliss in the form of  Ryn Weaver, ASTR, HOLYCHILD and listen to all featured artists on Spotify!

What do you think of Ryn Weaver? Ever have a bad experience with mother nature? Sound off!

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