Get ready for the open road with these road trip essentials!

By the time most of you read this I’ll already be on the road on my way to visit my alma mater. You can follow along to see what antics I get up to on Instagram (@violetroots) and Snapchat (@violetrootsblog). I previously mentioned that I went to Ithaca for college here but I haven’t been back since I graduated in 2011. With that in mind I thought it would be the perfect time to take a road trip back up there! My partner, A, hasn’t been to Ithaca yet and if you’re going to visit the Finger Lakes area now is the time to go before the intense cold sets in and you freeze – no joke! I loved my time there but I wasn’t always a fan of the tundra-like conditions that Ithaca exhibits during the majority of the year. It’s not for the faint of heart and my tolerance for that kind of cold is pretty much nonexistent nowadays.

6 Road Trip Essentials - Check out the full list by clicking through the image or here -

Ithaca really is a lovely place though and if you’re a nature junkie it should 100% be on your bucket list. There are waterfalls, gorges, an assortment of hiking trails, lakes and plenty of breathtaking views of the area. When the leaves change and fall sets in it becomes even more beautiful and if you’re a wine lover there are also a few wineries to choose from. One of them even has a wine slushy – sold!

Have I convinced you to start planning your own Ithacan vacation yet? Haha. Well if you happen to make the trip and plan on driving I’ve listed a few road trip essentials for you to check out below!

6 Road Trip Essentials - Check out the full list by clicking through the image or here -

Plan Ahead: It’s important to know where you’re headed and have a general idea of your road trip essentials. Make sure you know how long the ride will be, if you’re taking shifts driving, if you plan on making stops, and anything that you’d like to do once you arrive. Try to leave plenty of space in the car so depending on how many people you’re traveling with everyone is comfortable. No one wants to be squeezed between several bags for hours because you overpacked. You should also have directions that you can use incase technology fails you in some way. Take a screenshot of the route and review it before you leave. It’s also a good idea to bring along an external charger so you wont have to deal with the dreaded dead battery scenario.

Be Open Minded: Taking on the open road can be fun. You’re excited to get to your destination and the beginning of a trip is always the most fun. Still, why not take an open-minded approach to things? I’m not advising that you veer off course every five minutes but if one of those highway signs peaks your interest – go for it!

6 Road Trip Essentials - Check out the full list by clicking through the image or here -

Aim for Comfort: Dress the part. You’re going to be holed up in a car for hours so don’t wear anything really constricting. Also, rompers may seem like a good option but when you have to use a public restroom you might regret it. Make sure that you also bring snacks. You won’t want to stop everything when you get a craving and no one wants to be trapped in a car with someone who is hangry. Road Trip Essentials = full stomach and a comfy outfit.

Take Pictures: We live in an #Instagram world where if it isn’t posted it’s almost like it didn’t happen. I’m not suggesting you take a bunch of pictures for your social feed but to just take pictures. Photos are what you latch onto when our memories get a bit fuzzy and you’ll want to immortalize your trip one way or another.

Road Trip Essentials = full stomach and a comfy outfit. Click To Tweet

Music: This goes without saying. When you’re on the road for a while the radio starts to repeat itself and no one wants to hear the same 5 songs for several hours. It doesn’t matter how much you like The Weeknd or that Omi “Cheerleader” song at the start of the trip, if you hear it on repeat on literally every station you might lose your mind. Having a sick road trip playlist is one of the most important road trip essentials. Plus, when your trip is over and you hear one of those songs you’ll always think back on your experience.

Be Safe: A list of road trip essentials wouldn’t be complete without mentioning that safety comes first. Don’t rush to your destination and end up with a speeding ticket. Don’t take off your seatbelt just because it’s hour number three and you’re growing tired of being strapped in. Depending on how long the ride is you might get a little cranky after a while but instead of picking a fight with the people you’re with take a nap. You can also pull over for a second and have a good stretch – it does wonders! Another important tip is to let someone else who isn’t with you know where you are at all times. When traveling it’s always important to check in from time to time.

6 Road Trip Essentials - Check out the full list by clicking through the image or here -

Jacket: H&M, Tunic: Forever 21, Leggings: Target, Shoes: Lilly Pulitzer x Target, Headscarf: Oscar de la Renta, Sunnies: Urban Outfitters Necklace: Baublebar

What are your road trip essentials? Feel free to share what you think and check out similar outfit styles above!

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