NYFW Playlist

New York Fashion Week is here, I’m excited to see what my favorite designers will come up with and I’ve made a NYFW playlist. I love a good runway show. There are always a lot of amazingly styled and wearable clothes but the more fantastical creations are what truly get me going.

I may not venture to actually wear some of what I see walking down that catwalk at NYFW or any of the other famous locations during, what is really fashion month. Still, it is all lovely to see. Like quite a few bloggers out there, I’d love to find myself sitting in one of those seats at a Proenza Schouler in New York or the Balmain show in Paris. Still, if I’m going, to be honest, I think that I’d like to be a part of the press at an insane live show equally as much if not more.

Music and style are quite magical in that way. They both hold huge amounts of real estate in my heart and I wouldn’t want to let go of either of them in a million years. If you followed along last week you can probably guess how much music resonates with me.

Fashion month is a time when the connection between music and style is even more so apparent. As you watch a model walk down the runway you’re not only transfixed by her clothes, hair, and makeup but by the overall mood that the music is piecing together. A story is being told and each designer expertly tells you the story of their girl or guy with each passing season.

Fashion month is a time when the connection between music and style is even more apparent. Click To Tweet

Songs for the catwalk

I don’t only watch NYFW for the attire but for the songs. It gives me an added understanding of the creative behind the garments and further accentuates the idea they’re trying to get across with their craft.

In this playlist, I picked a few songs that were played at past fashion shows and I’ve noted which designer used which song. Keep in mind that some of the songs featured in this are relatively new, some are old and from varying music styles. This week scroll on down and give your ears a bit of bliss in the form of  Chvrches, Grimes, Phantogram, The Clash and MFKA Twigs. 


Charlotte Ronson || Fall 2014

Ann Yee || Fall 2014

Marissa Webb || Fall 2014



Tory Burch || Fall 2015

Athleta || Fall 2014


Have a favorite NYFW playlist? Share what you think! 

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