10 Music Videos with Fantastic Storytelling 


Not every great musician is also known for making music videos with fantastic storytelling. Great visuals are so hard to find these days. So much of what is produced is, in my opinion, cheap and lazy. It’s easy for someone to just throw in a bunch of half-naked women in a video and call it a day. The go-to for the music industry seems to be a club scene or some other show of gratuitous excess. 

Of course, this is not true for every artist and there are exceptions to the rule. For instance, acts like Florence + the Machine, The Killers, Lana Del Rey and, as of late, Beyoncé have all produced quality work.

Still, for me, a catchy tune is nice but bringing the lyrics and message to life in a visually compelling way is much more valuable. (Click to Tweet)


The Power of Great Visuals

I wish there were more music videos with fantastic storytelling to choose from but honestly, this list was so easy to come up with. With so much unmemorable content out there when something stands out it really stands out. 

Music videos are not just marketing tactics for the artist. They also have the ability to transcend the BS that often separates us and shed light on our shared experiences. Of course, some videos lean more towards a visual statement rather than a cohesive story that can easily be followed from point A to B. Still, a message is being relayed and the audience is, more often than not, better for having seen it.

As of late, powerful visual storytelling is like a unicorn. (Click to Tweet) Fortunately, today I’ve bottled that magic up and delivered it right to you! Sit back and take in these 10 music videos with fantastic storytelling and make sure to let me know which one is your fave below!



Music Videos With Fantastic Storytelling: Examples of Visual Excellence



Love yourself. It’s a pretty straightforward concept about different women from all walks of life embracing who they are. It doesn’t matter if he dumped you or if you’ve been single for a while. As long as you love you then you’ve got it all! Plus, we all know how awesome it feels after you get a fresh haircut! What’s not to love about that?!



I’ll probably always have a soft spot for this music video. I remember when I first saw it I loved it so much that I immediately downloaded it for myself. Whenever I watched it I would get all teary-eyed and instantly get sucked into the love story. Long distance relationships, or even just sending a loved one-off on a trip can be really hard. I don’t think the song meaning and the video go hand in hand but I do believe it still works. 



Most music videos with fantastic storytelling share insights into young love. In SAARA’s video, you’ll find the story of how puppy love became something more. On a personal level, I also appreciate that the story is told through the lens of an interracial relationship.

I remember when I was a kid that those types of couples weren’t portrayed in media in the same way that they are today. There is still a ways to go as far as proper representation is concerned but I like the fact that my future children will be able to see relationships like their parents in the media.




Halsey is one of those artists that people tend to either love or hate. I fall into the former category. I mean, how could I abandon my fellow unicorn haired sister from another mister?!

In all seriousness though Halsey consistently puts forward music videos with fantastic storytelling. There is always a message and a clear through line and I can’t wait to see her storytelling continue to evolve. In this video, Halsey offers a glimpse into the lives of lovers with a dystopian backdrop. She herself says that the cynical essence of the song is “love me now or never but either way I’ll survive.”



MØ is someone who I’ve enjoyed seeing grow in popularity over the years. I’ve actually seen her perform 4 times now. The first time was at her own headline show and the other 3 times were at music festivals. Snakehips is still on my list! 

In this video, you get a front row seat at the deterioration of a toxic relationship. It’s pretty depressing but at the same time the highs and lows of being in love, even if it’s ill-fated, is relatable.


10 Music Videos with Fantastic Storytelling You Need to See - 10 music videos with fantastic storytelling



OMG, The Killers! This band, this band! Seriously though The Killers are forever and ever taking the audience through a well thought out depiction of one concept or another. I can’t think of a single music video from them that did not tell a story. 

When I came up with the idea for this post The Killers were one of the first bands that came to mind. In fact, the next time I discuss music videos with fantastic storytelling I’m going to be focusing entirely on The Killers. They’re that good.

In this video (which also happens to bring one of my favorite songs to life) you meet a man as he revisits his past mistakes and reunites with a lost love. Enjoy!



If you’ve followed along for a while then you probably know that I really like Broods. I’ve covered their live performances at the Music Hall of Williamsburg as well as Webster Hall and also gave their sophomore record a first listen.

This video features really cool Microsoft tech that takes the lead singer Georgia’s heartbeat and translates it to visual effects. Outside of all that awesome techy stuff this video takes us on a journey of conflicted emotions. The visual take on heartbeats or as the song is titled, “Heartlines,” really bring the conflict in the relationship to the fore. 




Disclosure and Lorde are both really good about offering up music videos with fantastic storytelling. Here you’ll find the classic story of the other woman and the wronged spouse teaming up to take out a two-timing jerk. Moral of the story – play with fire and you might literally get burned.



I love Jessie Ware! Not enough people have jumped on the Jessie Ware train. Way back at the start of my blogging journey I reviewed Jessie Ware’s performance at Terminal 5. 

Her voice is just a dream and it sounds even better in person. In this music video, you’ll find portrayals of different types of love. Everything from young love to friendship, to those in their golden years. It’s a truly sweet video and gives #allthefeels.



Hayley Kiyoko tells the tale of a third wheel who soon gains the affections and attention of a neglected girlfriend. Drama ensues once the boyfriend gets wind of what’s really going on. This video always pulls me right into the tension and the closing shot offers a nice release. 


What do you think of these 7 music videos with fantastic storytelling?

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