& we’re back with your weekly music fix!

A pretty long time has passed since the last Music Monday roundup. Your weekly music fix has lately taken the form of varied concert reviews like Zella Day, The Kooks, Joywave & Atlas Genius. The last time that I put a playlist together was all the way back in May which you can check out here. I’ve had a blast at the shows I’ve been to but attending all of those events can get a bit tiresome if experienced back to back. Don’t worry though I’ll never totally tire of live music but I’m taking a bit of a break and filling this part of my summer with some much-needed relaxation.

At the beginning of August, I’ll have your music fix ready with highlights from the Mad Decent Block Party festival and before then a special series of posts towards the end of July. Before then you can check out my last festival series here. I’ve been working on a top secret surprise for quite some time that isn’t exactly related to the blog but I’ll be sure to share it nonetheless. I can’t say much more about it now but just know that I’m big on planning surprises and this is probably the most involved and largest surprise that I’ve ever planned. So excited! I’m practically bursting at the seams with anticipation and an intense need to share what I’ve been hiding for months but I know I just have to hold on a little bit longer.

On the bright side here is something I can share with you – music! Live music to be exact! You may have noticed a week or so ago I added the Shubaloo widget onto my sidebar. Shubaloo allows you to curate a selection of concerts that are occurring both nearby and in further (currently North American only) cities. I’ve complied a list of events going on in N.Y.C., Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, L.A., Boston, D.C. and Las Vegas. If you’re interested in seeing which shows I recommend, which ones I’ll be attending, and what’s going on in a city by you, feel free to check the sidebar to see what’s coming up. I get my music fix in New York but I know some of you US-based readers are in other areas. Let me know if there are any other North American cities you’d like me to curate events for and I’ll be sure to add them!

For this week’s music fix keep in mind that some of the songs featured in this music playlist are relatively new, some are old and from varying music styles. This week scroll on down and give your ears a bit of bliss in the form of Indiana, Daughter, MØ, Foxes and Seafret.

Yay Maisie Williams (below)! My G.O.T. withdrawals are real & warranted a bonus song.

Did you get your music fix? Share what you think of this music playlist and in the upcoming weeks expect festival highlights from the Mad Decent Block Party and other weekly Music Monday picks!

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