Music Festivals Aren’t Worth it (Maybe)

All the major shows are revealing their lineups, setting the date and rolling out tickets. If you’re mulling over whether or not to attend a festival this year I’ve got you covered! Festivals, especially the ones that span multiple days can take a lot out of you both physically and financially.

Huge crowds, hefty price tags, and sanitation issues aren’t the most glamorous things to talk about but they just might be why music festivals aren’t worth it to some. I covered why music festivals are worth it in a previous post and now let’s discuss why they just might not be for you.



The Price

Wait? Didn’t I include this in the Pro Music Festival post? I did because honestly it can go either way. Even if the ticket prices are a deal because you’ve purchase early bird or the individual ticket prices (for each band) would be astronomical you might find yourself with a big bill at the food stands. The food and drinks are notoriously overpriced and there really isn’t anything you can do to get around that. 

Some people smuggle in food and other festivals allow you to bring your own but it really depends on the event. 


The Crowds

If you’re at all uncomfortable with large groups of people or if you’d prefer to be up and close with your fave band then this is probably not the best option for you. I somehow made it up to the front at Lollapoolza a few years ago to see Lady Gaga but that pretty much never happens.

If you try to squeeze your way to the front good luck. Some people can do it but everyone around you will be supremely annoyed. Some concert etiquette might be helpful but I think that sometimes it’s better to watch from the back where there is more space and you can see the stage without anyone in the way.


Why Music Festivals Aren't Worth It - Music Festival season is looming & it's time to decide if music festivals aren't worth it! There are pros and cons! I'll tell you why you may want to pass.


The Dirt

We all like being clean and fresh as a daisy but don’t think for a second that you’re going to leave an outdoor festival without at least a little bit of dirt. Most of these events happen on great lawns, in the desert, or in actual dust bowls that turn into mud with the slightest drizzle. I’ve had legs splattered with mud and yes it was gross. 

Did I care though? Not really I was so happy to be there it didn’t really matter.


The Weather

This can be irrelevant if you end up with pleasant sunny weather or if your festival happens to be indoors. Still, chances are you’re going to be somewhere with minimal shade and very little coverage in the middle of the summer.

If mother nature decides to hate you it could pour and you’ll end up soaked and muddy. This happened to me at the Made in America festival in Philadelphia a couple summers ago. Or, if the weather decides to go in the opposite direction you’ll end up with 100+ degree weather and risk heat stroke. That happened at the Warped Tour several years back.

It’s not always as dramatic as that but it is something to consider. 


The Set Times

Every year there is always a set time decision that makes me want to cry a little. For some people conflicting set times can be the main reason why music festivals aren’t worth it.

It can be rough to see that you and a friend want to see two separate bands at 3 PM. Or that two of your faves are both going on at 6 PM. Still, I think that there is always a way around it. Maybe you’ll have to cut the set times in half or maybe even just see one and plan to see the other later. It’s supremely annoying but it happens. 

The only festival that remedies this is Coachella. Since the same acts perform two weekends in a row you can catch any act you didn’t get a chance to see one weekend during the next!

The slight drawback in this scenario, however, is that most artists switch up their set a bit to keep the performances fresh. An example of this was when Martin Garrix brought out Dua Lipa one weekend and then Troye Sivan the next. Still, it’s impossible to see absolutely everything.



No matter what you do there are pros and cons to it and music festivals are no different. 

Think music festivals aren’t worth it?

Disagree? Don’t worry, previously I highlighted everything that is amazing about festivals!

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