Music Festivals are Worth Your Time and Money


That probably came as a surprise to no one. I’m sure if you’ve been following along with me for a bit you know that music is pretty much synonymous with Violet Roots. 

Still, I have to share why music festivals are worth your time and money because even though it seems obvious to me that does mean it is to everyone. As I write this I will not have been to a live show since sometime in October or November. You may have noticed the lack of concert recaps here and trust me I’m feeling the withdrawal symptoms. 

As much as I love a good concert, open mic or pretty much anything that involves a live musical performance I decided to hold off for a bit to try to do that annoying adult thing where you have to care about your savings.

I’m not a single person who can throw her paychecks at every tour bus coming into the New York area anymore. I have to be considerate of my other half, A, and even though I missed some must-see performances by acts like The Weeknd and Disclosure it was all for the best in the end. 

That was 2015 and with 2016 in full force and the tour dates for Spring, Summer and even early Fall coming out I’ve once again nabbed quite a few tickets to see both new and older artists. 

Expect concert highlights from Alison Wonderland, Troye Sivan, Melanie Martinez, Ellie Goulding with Years & Years, and Adele (!!!) with more to come!

I’m more than excited but for today let’s focus on why Music Festivals are Worth Your Time and Money.


All. Those. Bands.

Have a laundry list of acts you want to see? Hit up the closest major festival and most likely you’ll be able to cross off at least a handful of bands you’ve been dying to see. Another benefit is that with 100s of bands playing you’re bound to discover a new talent you’ve never heard of and who doesn’t want to refresh their music library every now and then?


Why Music Festivals are Worth Your Time and Money - Music Festival season is looming and it's time to decide if music festivals are worth your time and money? They are! I'll tell you why they're a must do!


The Price

This may be a drawback for some and can really go both ways. Still, if you pay for a general admission (GA) ticket to either a single day or multiple day event you will most likely be paying less than what you would if you paid for each of the acts individually. This varies depending on if you splurge for VIP tickets, perks if you’re including travel, drinks etc.

I always buy GA and it’s way less than if I were to buy front row seats at just two of the headlining acts playing. 


Festival Vibes

The community scene at a festival is unreal. I’ve had strangers help me build a tent at Camp Bisco, stumbled upon long-lost friends and made plenty of new friends. I’ve joined in on dance circles and sang my heart out with those standing next to me. For the most part everyone is in a good mood. You might run into a bad apple but that’s life. 


An Excuse to Travel

Always wanted to go to Chicago? Why not time it around Lollapalooza and kill two birds with one stone. What about NYC? Then plan a trip to coincide with Governors Ball, Electric Zoo, Panorama, Meadows, Afropunk etc. 



There is nothing like a festival and it’s hard to explain it to someone who either a) isn’t big on music or b) has never been. I’m obviously all for it but with every good, there is a bit of bad so I made sure to also address the downside of attending a festival.

Do you think music festivals are worth your time and money?

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