Most Popular Posts of 2016

Another blogging year is done and dusted and with that comes . . . wait for it . . . another roundup post! This time instead of music I’m going over the 16 most popular posts of 2016! 

Instead of listing out the posts and calling it a day, like I’ve done in the past, I wanted to reflect on the content I created and share some thoughts. After all, what’s the point of looking at where you’ve been if you don’t soak in the moment a little? 

For me, there were quite a few surprises this year. There were some setbacks in my personal life and a need to scale back from 3-2 posts a week on the blog but overall, blog-wise at least, I can’t complain.

It’s always interesting to see which posts are more popular than others. Sometimes they’re posts that I really enjoyed writing and other times they’re a bit more obscure. For my music content in particular, who would have thought that a smaller act like PVRIS would have more views than my piece on Adele? The point is you never know what people are going to react to and I’m looking forward to seeing what you connect with next year too!

I want to also take this time to thank you for visiting my corner of the internet this year. Blogging is nothing without community interaction and I appreciate that you’re a part of mine. 

Below, you’ll find the top 16 posts from 2016 as well as my blogging hopes for 2017. Find out if your favorite post made the list and share your thoughts in the comments!

16 Most Popular Posts of 2016 - The year is almost over! Before we move onto 2017 and embrace new beginnings it's time to reflect on the most popular posts of 2016. Is your fave listed?




Creativity is the foundation of Violet Roots so it comes as no surprise that I spent a lot of time this year doubling down on this subject. At the end of last year, I decided I wanted to make a shift in the type of content I was sharing. Not a major one, but I wanted to make an effort to share more of my artwork, more of my creative passions and those of the community.

I think I achieved that this year, and although it’s far from perfect it’s a great step toward where I want things to be. 


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This year was great for music! I had a lot of fun attending shows and sharing my experiences with all of you. When I first started featuring music on this blog it was originally just a few videos tacked at the end of a somewhat unrelated personal post.

I wanted to have more direction with the music I featured and I’m pretty pleased with the variety of music content I produced this year. Almost all genres were represented, I talked about apps, albums, award shows and just really experimented with whatever idea came to mind. I’m sure things will begin to gel even more in 2017!


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Blogging has kind of been a sleeper hit for me. I never intended to discuss blogging on a regular basis. It just kind of happened and thankfully when it did it was well received. I’m really glad that my advice has been useful for you. The last thing I ever wanted was to regurgitate what everyone else says. 

I made a point to share what works for me, and what I’ve learned in my (almost) 2 years of blogging. However, in the future, I’m aiming to separate it from the pack even more by tailoring it specifically to creative music lovers. Next year, I have even more blog related content to share! In fact, my editorial calendar is already stacked all the way through February – so get ready!


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What do you think of the most popular posts of 2016? Which ones did you enjoy?

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