Most Anticipated Albums Still to Come in 2016

The year might be winding down but music’s heavy hitters and rising stars are not slowing down! Some of the best records come at the end of the year and this list of the most anticipated albums still to come in 2016 proves just that!

While gathering up some of the albums that I’m dying to get my hands on a couple of them were released. So, rather than excluding them from this list altogether I decided to throw them into the mix. 

This year has been an interesting one for music. I guess we could say that every year is a musically notable one. There is always some new ingenue that enters the scene, a comeback, or a reinvention by an old favorite. Still, I think music has in a way evolved some this year. 

A lot of the usual suspects were either missing in action, on tour or busy making their next records. This allowed audiences to breathe a little bit, get reacquainted with Adele and hear sounds from new hitmakers like The Chainsmokers and Kiiara. 

I’m not saying that the usual artists that fill the airwaves were totally absent. Drake was still all over the radio, same goes for Sia, Ariana Grande, Rihanna etc. Still, acts like The Weeknd, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga etc. have mostly been absent until recently. This creates a void.

When these artists are working at their highest potential and the hype is insurmountable you virtually can’t hear anything else on the radio. It’s pretty much why I only listen to the radio when I’m in the car with A, and he decides it’s time to loosen my grip on my Spotify.


What Makes an Album highly anticipated? 

There isn’t exactly a rubric for this sort of thing.  Records that I consider to be one of the most anticipated albums still to come in 2016 might be the opposite for you. It might be an artist you’ve never heard of or an act you only have a slight interest in. With the arts, it’s all relative and subjective. 

Still, I did survey the interwebs a little to see the hype levels surrounding each artist. Afterward, I weighed that excitement against my own personal taste. I’m slightly less interested in some records but not including them for that reason alone would be criminal.

You’ll be seeing some of the same names again in my end of the year roundups so it’s even more important that they’re listed here now. I know it’s only October and I’m not trying to fast forward the year away but I am excited for my Best Live Music, Single and Album posts in December!

If I miss any acts that you think are bound to release sonic gold by the end of the year shoot me a comment and fill me in!



Anticipated Albums ThAT Just Arrived

I’m going to refrain from going into too much detail about my thoughts on the below albums. They’re all so different and my level of interest varies. I will say that at least one of these will FOR SURE be in my Best Albums list.

The first two records were the reason why I even created a ‘Most Anticipated Albums Still to Come In 2016’ list. Scheduling got in the way so we’re getting this a little but hey  – better late than never! 


Banks || The Altar


Solange || A Seat at the Table



Phantogram || Three


Green Day || Revolution Radio


13 Anticipated Albums Still to Come

Some of the below acts have confirmed release dates and other have a fuzzier timeline. If an artist has “TBA” next to their name it means the album has been pushed back but will most likely still debut within the year. In some cases, it can also mean that there is no release date but there is significant buzz either brought on by the artist or its fanbase to indicate that something is coming soon.

For example, Childish Gambino performed songs from Pharos on the west coast but hasn’t released anything yet. Haim cancelled their European leg of their festival tour in order to finish up their record. I’m not an industry insider so I have no clue when these albums will come out but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s soon!


Lady Gaga || Joanne || Oct. 21


Childish Gambino || “Awaken, My Love!” || Dec. 2nd


Tove Lo || Lady Wood || Oct. 28th


Bruno Mars || 24K Magic || Nov. 25th


The Weeknd || Star Boy || Nov. 28th



Kid Cudi || Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’ || Dec. 16th


Jimmy Eat World || Integrity Blues || Oct. 21st


Empire of the Sun || Two Vines || Oct. 28th


Haim || TBA


The Pretty Reckless || Who You Selling For || Oct. 21st



Tkay Maidza || Tkay || Oct. 28th


Justice || Woman || Nov. 18th


Kings of Leon || Walls || Oct. 14th


What albums are you looking forward to? What do you think of my list of the most anticipated albums still to come in 2016?

NOTE: Get excited for concert highlights from Lissie, Troye Sivan with Dua Lipa and Kiiara in the upcoming weeks!

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