Taken a staycation lately?

The idea of taking a staycation wasn’t always on the top of my to-do list. I typically think about far off destinations like Croatia, Thailand or Nicaragua. This is short lived and I then come back down to earth once I realize that the money I could’ve spent on my ticket to Dubrovnik or Zagreb went out the window with an assortment of concert tickets. haha. I mentioned previously a few of the things that I wanted to accomplish on my Summer bucket list, like being a tourist, and even though it technically isn’t Summer yet (just a few days away!) it’s never too early to get started on that wish list!

If you’ve been following along with my wedding series you’ll know that, my partner, A and I were recently starting to feel the pressure. When we realized that A was going to have an extra day off last weekend we immediately seized the opportunity to escape from our current day to day and try something different – a Staycation! We took a trip to Austin together last fall but we haven’t gone anywhere since and, as I’m sure you guys know, when you haven’t been on a trip in a while you start to get antsy. The travel bug kicks in and before you know it you’re spending your time pinning your life away as you scroll through Pinterest boards filled with images of Africa, Asia and South America.

Instead of opting for a more exotic locale we thought a staycation was the perfect way to spend a long weekend and although our time wasn’t perfect – I’ll get into that in a later post – we both walked away from it more than happy with our decision. I’m not sure if you guys have ever considered or taken a staycation but I suggest that you give it a try! Hawaii will always be nice but that doesn’t mean that your backyard can’t have plenty of charm too. I’ve listed a few staycation pros (and cons) that will prove just that below!

The Merits of a Staycation 5


  • Cost – Without a doubt you’ll spend less money during a staycation than a vacation. When staying close to home you don’t have to worry about flights or hotels. A and I chose to stay in a hotel one night during our long weekend but you could easily enjoy your time from the comfort of your own home. I’d suggest that if you do stay home to add a few nice amenities or special treats that you might find in a hotel room to your home. This could be anything from rolled towels in the bathroom to champagne to some gourmet chocolates. You’re on vacation so there is no harm in making things feel a bit more special.

Merits of a Staycation

  • DiscoveryRegardless of how long you’ve lived somewhere I guarantee you that there is always something new to discover. Let’s say you’re from a small town, then you can maybe travel to a nearby area and explore or you can experience something with fresh eyes and maybe revisit an area you used to frequent as a kid. If you’re from a bigger city and feel as though you know every inch of your town then take in a new show or exhibit. The possibilities are endless.
  • TimeWithout having to factor in a long flight or road trip that leaves even more time to explore or relax! Plus, traveling can take a lot out of a person and by skipping this part of a vacation and opting for a staycation you won’t have to deal with that side effect.
  • Less StressPacking, trying to fit things in a carry on, rushing to the airport, being stuck in traffic, fumbling around with a GPS in a new city or trying to find your way to the beach in a new neighborhood can be a bit stressful. I’m not going to say it’s a deal breaker or that it’s something that is impossible to handle. Still, the point of a vacation is to relax and rejuvenate not argue over baggage fees and directions.

Merits of a Staycation


  • DistractionsWhen you jet off to London or Cape Town you feel transported from your daily life. When you remain at home that mental adjustment can be harder to make. Even though you know that you’re taking time off your familiar surroundings may compel you to fall into your everyday habits. You might loose focus on relaxing and find yourself opening your work email, cleaning the house, and not disconnecting like you would have if you had flown off to an exotic new place.

The Merits of a Staycation

Jacket: Forever 21, Dress: Gap, Shoes: Lily Pulitzer x Target

What do you guys think? Have you planned a staycation?

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