Meg Myers was quite the experience!

I’m a newish fan of Meg Myers. I discovered her sometime last year when she opened for ASTR, who I included in a playlist here, and surprised me with her raw energy and talent. Now, before I get into this review you guys might have noticed that my music tastes are pretty varied. One week I’ll feature love songs, another week I’ll have sounds that jump all over the map followed by a review of a newer act before an older one.

I figured this was worth pointing out since Meg Myers is yet another artist that is very different from everything else I’ve featured thus far. As time goes on there will probably be a month where I introduce you to a folk singer one week followed by an EDM act, then a country starlet and rounded out by a hip-hop artist. To some, that might seem a bit disjointed but I’ve always been drawn to varying sounds and styles.

Meg Myers as an opener

As I mentioned earlier, I first saw Meg as an opener. For frequent concert goers, the topic of the “opener” is pretty divided. Some people like to just see the headliner they paid for and either ignore the opening act as they perform or come just in time to see their favorite play. Others, like myself, are intrigued by openers.

I typically like getting to shows early so I can 1. Score a nice spot in the front and 2. See the opening performances. Most of the time the opening band is a pretty decent, sometimes they’re awful and every once and awhile an opening act really grabs your attention. This happened recently when I discovered KANEHOLLER before The Ting Tings and it also happened last year with Meg.


The Performance

Hailing from Tennessee but based in L.A., Meg Myers instantly converted me to a fan within the first few minutes of her set. Her songs (lead songwriting credit) are filled with such raw emotions and the energy she has on stage is simultaneously controlled yet full on. One minute she’s singing while holding onto the mic stand for dear life with her eyes closed and the next minute she’s releasing all that tension by thrashing around on stage.

You can tell she feels every word and makes you wonder what experiences led her to craft such beautiful and yet haunting imagery in her lyrics. During her performance, there were a couple technical difficulties but Meg seamlessly performed through them like a champ. I honestly didn’t even realize there was an issue until she made a few hand gestures signaling to the crew they needed to fix something.



Seeing her for the second time, this time on her first headlining tour, she seems more assured of herself. Whether she’s playing the guitar or just singing her heart out you get the impression that she’s truly performing for herself and the crowd is just a bonus. There were quite a few super fans in the front row who were practically in tears (no joke) throughout her performance, which I’m sure for her, indicates that she’s doing something right. Meg Myers will be releasing her first full-length album this July called Sorry with the lead single being of the same name. You can find that track below along with a few of my personal favorites.


NOTE: The below song/video for “Desire” is a bit risky but the tune is a gem so I personally think it’s worth a listen regardless. I just thought I’d offer a warning for those who might prefer to stick to cleaner tracks with a G or PG rating.

For something a bit softer check out her song “The Morning After” (below) and see more coverage on Instagram.

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What are your thoughts on Meg Myers?

Feel free to let me know what you think and next week expect concert highlights from FKA Twigs followed by BANKS and St. Lucia as well as other weekly Music Monday picks!

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