Get to know me!

#Dear Me

Hey! The end of the week is coming up oh so soon and I can’t wait! I have a fun weekend planned with a few friends and once the weekend is done I’ll be heading to see Broods on Monday. I’ll be sure to share how my weekend goes on Instagram and to give a full retelling of the concert in an upcoming “Ear Bliss” segment. For those of you that are new “Ear Bliss” is my weekly music post (see my first and second installments) where I spotlight various artists.

Now onto today’s topic! M=VR…or Monika = Violet Roots!

I’m still pretty new to blogging but I’m starting to get more accustomed to things and I thought it’d be great to share a little more about me so you can get to know me. Now don’t worry I wont bore you with a novella sized detailing of my life. Instead I thought it’d be fun to answer a series of questions that I thought of/found so you can get to know me in a less formal way and…let’s be honest….a Q&A is a much easier read than a novella.

This or That

1) Early Bird or Night Owl? – Night Owl

2) Introvert or Extrovert? – Introvert 

3) Winter or Summer? – I like the holidays during the winter and the summer days before it reaches 90 degrees

4) Spring or Fall? – Fall! All day everyday it should be fall 

5) Wine or Beer? I like wine but I’m going to cheat here and say whiskey instead…thats totally allowed (see my indirect answer to #3) 

6) Tattoos or Piercings? I have both

7) Oreos or Chip Ahoy? Chips Ahoy. It’s kind of weird but I can only eat Oreos in cookies n’ cream ice cream or froyo

8) Bagels or Muffins? How about just carbs? I’ll take all the carbs. 

9) Bright Colors or Neutrals? Bight Colors

10) Spicy or Sweet? Spicy

11) Fantasy or Reality? Fantasy but I’m also a history nerd so a bit of reality too 


12) Thing you bought? Wedding present for a friend and this and this from Baublebar 

13) Thing you ate? Pretzel crisps and red pepper hummus

14) Thing you watched? Reality tv…Bravo is highly addictive 


15) Color? Purple (see above picture, here and here)!

16) Number? 8

17) Tv shows? Too many so I’ll go with 3 that are about to start again – Game of Thrones (!!!) , Orphan Black, Mad Men

18) Smell? Citrus

19) Holiday? I’ll go with the whole holiday season but I’d prefer to just say my birthday

20) Hobbies? Writing, Painting, Drawing, Poetry 

21) Pet Peeve? Slow walkers in front of me

Blogging Thoughts

22) Things you didn’t know or expect before blogging?  I didn’t expect to find such a welcoming community or to be able to engage with so many people outside of the states. It’s been great and I love it! 

M = VR 1

Shirt: Urban Outfitters, Jeans: J.Crew, Boots & Clutch: Thrifted

Hope you were able to get a better idea of my personality and get to know me more! Let me know what you think or if you have any fun weekend plans!

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