How to Know if a Collaboration is Right for You

There are a multitude of things that go into running a blog. Deciphering what you want out of it and figuring out how to know if a collaboration is right for you are two major parts of it. This goes for any other type of work where teamwork is involved but in the blogging realm, there can be an even bigger emphasis on collaborations than in other industries. 

At the start of the year and the close of the last one, I looked over how this blog was going, what I had previously done and where I wanted it to be. There were so many things I noticed both good and bad and at first it was a lot to take in. When you’re responsible for every facet of a website or are a solopreneur, there are so many moving parts to keep a track of and it’s impossible to be everything at all times.

During my first year of blogging, I made a point to experiment and do whatever felt right in any given moment. I didn’t know what I was really getting into and I certainly hadn’t thought ahead about the type of collaborations I wanted to do.

As for now, let’s fast forward to present day. I don’t think any of this was a mistake but it did open my eyes to exactly what I did and didn’t want. I’ve discovered how to know if a particular joint venture is what I truly want and today I’m going to pass along these 6 Ways to Know if a Collaboration is Right for You. 

These may not be things that you’re concerned with, you may not be a blogger, but we all have to work with others throughout our careers. I hope the next time you’re presented with an opportunity that these tips help you efficiently decide if it’s worth your while.



1. How do you feel when you first hear it?

Your gut is your best asset. Don’t short change your initial reaction to things. More often than not there is a logical reason why you’re hesitant to jump for joy at a new opportunity. Still, take the time to think about it to ensure that your initial reaction is the correct one. 


2. Does this fit within your long-term goals?

In the short-term, it may seem like a great idea to post a few style shots of you wearing a jacket from a brand you’re working with. You may even love the jacket. Still, if you know that in the long-term you want to turn your online space into a destination for craft and DIY projects then an outfit post doesn’t really help you get there.

Think about the big picture! This is something I’m working on now and it honestly makes a world of difference when you have a clear vision ahead of you.


3. Is it mutually beneficial?

I can’t even count how many times a brand has approached me with an offer that has little to no benefit for me. It goes without saying that if both parties aren’t benefitting from a project then there isn’t much point. You’ll know if a collaboration is right for you if you at least gain something in the end.


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4. Have you read the fine print?

Reading the fine print is essential. You might be excited about working with a company, you might have even decided that without a doubt you know it’s a great fit, but have you read the fine print? Fine print can be simply reading a contract they send you or it can be researching the company itself and seeing if they have any skeletons in their closet.

I always research the companies I work with, I see what other bloggers are saying and if I decide to work with them I honestly say my opinion. I may find that the company isn’t all it’s cracked up to be but I found out for myself and now I can truthfully say that. 


5. Do they appreciate you?

This one can be especially irritating. You can easily know if a collaboration is right for you if your potential partner doesn’t know anything about you. I know how business works, I know that I’m not the only blogger any given company is talking with but not seeing my name spelled correctly or seeing a company repeatedly send the same email to me as though we’ve never talked before is unacceptable. 

If the person you’re thinking of working with doesn’t appreciate your time or your work enough to learn a little about you then anything they have to offer you is hollow and couldn’t possibly be worth your time.


6. Is this good for you or for your business?

Think about this one for a moment. It can be a bit tricky to understand at first however, you and your business are not the same (Click to Tweet). Even if you’re the face of your business, like most bloggers and online professionals are, the aspects of your life that you share should be relevant to your audience.

Like I mentioned earlier, you may love a coat that a brand sends over but if your business is craft supplies then it might not make much sense to do an outfit post on it. If you want to wear the coat while you’re picking up new supplies or something along those lines then maybe that’s more your speed. 



These aren’t hard and fast rules. You can run your blog, business, and your career as you please. These are just the things that I think about now before I say “YES” and I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me. 


How do you know if a collaboration is right for you?

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