Thanks Supporters!

I Can’t Start the New Year Without Tipping My Hat to You!

No I didn’t bump my head and somehow think that I just finished celebrating Thanksgiving. I know the whole routine of giving thanks and being grateful for what you have normally takes place at the end of November. This time of the year is usually full of grand declarations of “doing better” and “dreaming bigger.” All of that is fine and dandy but I wanted to take the time to show appreciation for those that have really come through for me this year. 

All of you are new to my life since I wouldn’t have been able to interact with you if it weren’t for this outlet. I spent some time explaining how this blog has changed things for me at the end of 2015 here and here. You’re comments and views mean a lot and are something that I look forward to and think about day in and day out. Now I know that some people might shake their head at me saying “views” mean a lot to me but they do. They don’t mean a lot in the sense that I measure my self-worth against them. It’s just that it let’s me know on a daily basis how many people I’m reaching and connecting with.

Comments are my bread and butter because they allow me to have a more personalized dialogue with some of the individuals that find my corner of the internet. However, not everyone leaves a comment and no matter how popular your website is you’ll always have more silent readers than you do vocal ones. Today I say, “Thanks Supporters” and in doing that I’ll be highlighting the Instagrams and blogs of eight of my top supporters from 2015. I landed on these eight ladies because they’ve left the most comments on my blog out of anyone else and they deserve to have their moment in the sun! They’re listed in the order of the number of comments they’ve made and I won’t go into how many comments each woman left because that’s besides the point but just know that some of their numbers are well over 60!!!

This doesn’t mean that my other commenters, followers, and readers are any less important. I enjoy being able to connect with all of you and I hope that in 2016 I can get to know a lot more of you and to connect on a deeper level with those that I’ve already started a friendship with. I’m working on a couple of projects that I hope will get me some actual face time with a few of you and I have a special treat for a special follower coming in February that I hope goes over well!

Feel free to pursue the below Instagram accounts from these wonderful women from all over the world. They may not have realized how much of an impact they made on my 2015 but my first year of blogging and my journey as a blogger wouldn’t have been the same without them! Thanks guys, thanks supporters, and thanks to all my readers new and old!

Vanessa of  What Would V Wear from Chicago

Dora of Bangs Bang from Greece

A photo posted by Bangs Bang (@doratoubanaki) on

Rachel of The Daily Luxe from Australia

Eden of Mint Notion from Toronto

A photo posted by Eden (@mintnotion) on

Zarrah of The Bandwagon Chic from UAE

Len of Len Parent from Texas

Deb of Style By Deb from Argentina (#VRxLove)

A photo posted by Deborah Ferrero (@stylebydeb) on

Zauni of Hello Zauni from Atlanta

A photo posted by Zauni. (@hellozauni) on

Once again, thanks supporters!

Do you follow along with these awesome ladies and their blogs? Let me know!

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