#PursuePretty is my favorite new hashtag!

I’ve been diving headfirst into Instagram lately. You may have noticed that I’ve been posting more frequently if you follow me over there and if you don’t it’s never too late to start now – just click here! While getting more acquainted with my favorite platform I have come across quite a few hashtags. Some of them like #instagood and #vscophile are a couple popular options out there but I have also found quite a few hashtags recently that I was previously unaware of. Last time I featured Instagram accounts that inspired me in some way. This time around I thought I’d share some noteworthy photos I found in the #pursuepretty feed. If you haven’t heard of this hashtag before don’t worry I’ve picked a few good ones for you to check out below!

A photo posted by Julie Denby (@julesdenby) on

  1. @julesdenby has a fantastic account! I’m 100% all about the consistent blue theme throughout her feed and the vibrant colors she chooses in contrast. There is always variety in her feed so if you like food shots, outfit shots or awesome landscape snaps she’s your girl!         

2. @itbeganinparis is an account run by Pamela Burns and has some of the best travel pictures in the #pursuepretty feed on Instagram. It’s no surprise since she’s a photographer that she knows a thing or two about photography and her account is well worth a scroll.

  3. [ACCT NOW PRIVATE] Love artfully posed photos? Check out @h_huda1 for all your #pursuepretty flatlay dreams. All of the photos are hers and if you want to make sure you’re in fact looking at one of her photos she’s watermarked a large portion of them with her account name. As a blogger, I know exactly how much making your photos recognizable is key. Still, some watermarks are distracting but the watermark she uses is so subtle and barely noticeable.

4. I don’t personally follow a lot of illustration accounts but @athingcreated is one that stood out to me in the #pursuepretty feed. There is also a fun Etsy shop where you can buy the illustrations on stationary, mugs, pillows, phone cases and more.

5. @sparkleandsage [ACCT DEACTIVATED]  is a fairly new and adorable account run by a blogger. She also has a strong interest in supporting small businesses and who doesn’t love that? You can check out her blog here.

A photo posted by @little.periwinkle on

6. @little.periwinkle is an account I recently stumbled on when sifting through #pursuepretty. The owner of the account doesn’t take credit for the photos but they’re all so pretty so it doesn’t matter to me. This curated collection is also pretty new so I can only imagine how many more visually appealing snaps are coming up next.

Did you know about #pursuepretty? What do you think of this hashtag?

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