Let’s talk Halloween decorations!

Halloween is only a few short days away and after spending some time surfing the #Halloweendecorations Instagram feed I’m more than ready to get the party started! I finally settled on a costume and it’s quite a bit different than the way I got dressed up a little while ago. When I was a kid I was basically the same costume every year except for a handful of times when I felt like giving something else a try. This year I was stumped and when you have no idea where to turn next the easiest solution is to look at your greatest hits from the past.

I won’t spoil the surprise. You can keep an eye out for my costume on Instagram. A is going as something totally different and we’ll probably look pretty funny standing next to each other in our costumes this weekend. Still, we’ll have a great time! I was pretty shocked that he actually had Halloween off since he missed out on it last year and when your a doctor no one cares that you want to have a social life too. At least, not where he is concerned at this stage of his career.

This weekend we’ll be partying it up at my friends annual Halloween bash! She goes all out every year and has put together some amazing Halloween decorations. Her style veers more towards the spooky side of life but I like when people think outside of the box with their Halloween decorations too. When looking through the hashtag I saw plenty of different takes on the holiday. There were cheery neon pumpkins, lampshades with spiders crawling out, chic black and gold designs and much more. I haven’t decorated much besides the usual pumpkin fare. One year I’ll take a few cues from my friend and all these awesome Instagram accounts and decorate my heart out! I have a thing for tablescapes and there were quite a few gorgeous Halloween inspired table setups that I would love to try my hand at recreating. I included one of them below along with some fun pumpkins and various other halloween decorations. You can check out my previous Instagram roundups here and here.


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  BONUS: This one isn’t in the #Halloweendecorations tag but I found it in the #Halloween one and this is seriously too cute of an idea not to share. 



Do you have Halloween decorations up? Which #Halloweendecorations picture do you gravitate towards?

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