Start your weekend with these inspirational Instagram accounts!

Hey guys! Ready for some inspirational Instagram accounts? Before we get into that I just want to say, like I mentioned before, I’m giving my wedding coverage a bit of a break but never fear I have quite a few beautiful floral arrangements and pretty veils to show you soon! Until then check out how I’m coping with the wanderlust bug and get caught up with all things wedding related here.

Now back to Instagram! I think every social media platform has it’s pros and cons. A lot of us, especially my fellow bloggers, probably use all of the major social platforms on a daily basis. It can get a bit excessive at times and the blog/life balance can get a little hairy. The same can probably be said for those of you who don’t own a blog but regardless we’ve all come across the darker side of internet life. Whether its a Twitter feud, a Facebook hacking scandal, getting lost in a Pinterest pinning vortex or letting your Insta-envy get the best of you we’ve all encountered it.

The cons can be all the media ends up focusing on but there are so many positive people or organizations online. Being a part of the blogging community, which is more supportive than not, is proof of that. So why not kick off this 4th of July holiday weekend with a few inspirational Instagram accounts? Your feed will thank you for it!

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1. If you love color and a variety of shots then @tichamercado is perfect for you! Ticha is one of the inspirational Instagram accounts on this list that is bursting with color and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with her feed too.  


2. Inspiration comes in all forms and right now I’m all about finding new ways to fix my hair. Pinterest always provides me with endless options but @kirstenzellers has an account worthy of all the #hairgoals. Her blog and account are what hair dreams are made of and if you want something different to do with your braids then she’s your girl!  


3. Now I know I said I was taking a break from all the wedding talk but I can admit that I have bride brain so there was no way I wasn’t going to share at least one of the bridal related accounts I follow. Meet @therobertsonsphotography! They’re a husband and wife duo who happen to also be my dream wedding photographers. They travel but they’re based in Australia so it might be a stretch to think I can have them for my big day. Still, I love the warm energy from their photos and their knack for bringing out such vibrant colors in their imagery.


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4. In the spirit of sharing the love here is a style blogger by the name of Fatiyha that you can find @styleprovoking. She has such a cool vibe to her looks and although there isn’t too much color going on I’m still all for it! You’ll find plenty of sick black, white and neutral outfits to peruse through and she should certainly be one of your first stops when you’re in need of some style inspiration. Check out her inspirational Instagram account or her blog and you won’t be disappointed.


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5. @ibeyiofficial are Parisian. They’re twins. They’re singers. For some that would be enough to qualify them within the inspirational Instagram accounts category. Still, they’re music in nothing like anything you’ll hear on the radio and their song “River” was on my playlist before I even realized who the women behind the record were. If you’d like to treat your ears to a different sound check out Ibeyi!


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6. Last but not least – @galadarling! Her account is filled with tons of color and if you’re a pink girl, you’ll find lots of it. She’s full of motivation, quite witty and a proponent of her #radicalselflove philosophy. There aren’t too many Instagrammers with inspirational Instagram accounts quite like hers. She also holds Instagram challenges that are fun and which I will be participating in during the month of July! Just follow along either on her account or mine!


Do you follow any inspirational Instagram accounts? I’m always on the hunt for something new to brighten up my feed and I’d love to hear your suggestions!

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