Now here is how to thank your followers the right way!

By the right way, I should clarify and say “my way” because there isn’t just one answer when it comes to how to thank your followers. Everyone has a distinct way of communicating with their following and since some of you are bloggers I’m sure you’re well aware of that.

There might be 100 different ways to interact with your readers but regardless I believe that, just like in real life, there are ways in which you should and shouldn’t conduct yourself. Now – a bit of a disclaimer – I DO NOT claim to be an expert. I only just passed my 6-month mark, which you can read more about here and here, but throughout this crash course in blogging I’ve learned a lot.

I’m still learning as I go but lately I’ve been thinking more and more about my followers. Now don’t worry it’s not in a number-hungry-rankings-monster kind of way. I have just been taking the time to take stock of the little community we’re building on here and think of what else I can do to improve it. 

If you took my reader survey then you might have already noticed thatOn a similar vein, I have been thinking about different ways in which I could give back to each and every one of you in a way that is a bit more meaningful.

I decided on exactly what I wanted to do and I’ll share a bit more on that at the end of this post. First, let’s discuss the do’s and don’ts of how to thank your followers!


How to Thank Your Followers - Learn the do's and don'ts here -



  • Be Personal – Everyone responds better to a friend than a stranger so be friendly. Take the time to remember your follower’s names and the things that they say to you. If you’re lucky enough to have a trillion followers someday I won’t expect you to remember every single person but it’s all about making an effort.


  • Be a Giver – Your followers are repeat customers. Congrats!! They like you! It wouldn’t hurt to show them how much you appreciate them every now and then. Do something nice. Maybe retweet/repost something from them that you enjoyed. It goes a long way to be nice without seeking something in return.


How to Thank Your Followers - Learn the do's and don'ts here -



  • Be a Taker – If you focus on yourself and not your readers then that’s the opposite of how to thank your followers. You probably won’t have very many for much longer if you ignore them. Try to respond when they reach out to you. I know that some people are busy and don’t have the time to reply to every comment or tweet but even replying to a handful a day is better than nothing.



Have any thoughts on how to thank your followers? Do you have a special way you thank yours?


How to Thank Your Followers 2

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How I Thank my Supporters

These are just some of my thoughts on how to thank your followers. Whether you’re a blogger or just someone with a few public social media accounts giving a nod to those that support you should be a no brainer.

When I brainstormed something simple that I could do to become a bit more engaged and connected to all of you I decided on doing special monthly shoutouts to some of you on my social media accounts! Kind of like your typical #followfriday but with a slightly more personalized tone.

I’ll be calling it #VRxLove and I’ll be sending all my blog love to you! So instead of simply posting “I love these ladies go follow them @abc and @xyz” I would go into more detail about why they’re awesome and a couple places you can follow them.

To kick things off I’ve decided to try my hand at this on Instagram and then extend it to my other social channels when I get the hang of it. I’m the most active on Instagram so that’s why I picked that platform over Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook etc.


How to Thank Your Followers 1


You guys are the best and deserve to have a bit more sunshine thrown your way! If you would you like to be featured on my account just let me know which social site you follow me on and I’ll add you to the list!

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