Want to Be a Guest Post Contributor?

Violet Roots would love to feature your work! This website is for the creative in all of us. It’s a place for the free spirit who has something wonderful to show the world and a desire to make an impact. As a guest post contributor, you’ll benefit from backlinks, traffic, and exposure to a brand new audience of highly engaged readers and bloggers. I’m thrilled to know that you’re choosing to share your talent with Violet Roots and I’d love work with you! 


Guidelines to Consider as a Guest Post Contributor:


  • The following topics are acceptable for submission – Creativity/Creative Lifestyle, Art, Mindset & Self Care.


  • Must be between 500-2,000 words and written in a similar format to posts already featured on Violet Roots. 
  • Must be an original piece, not previously published, and your own work.
  • Can only be republished on your own website 2 weeks afterward with an added intro.


  • Relevant & cited outside links are allowed.  
  • 2 social links are allowed within the author bio.
  • Affiliate or sponsored links are NOT allowed.


  • Must be owned by you, creative commons or fair use and properly credited. Please do not submit a post without including proper images.


Process for Submitted Posts:

  • Accepted authors receive a bio blurb and a link to their site. 
  • Submitted and accepted posts have a turnaround time of about 1 month.
  • Submitted posts will receive an initial reply within one week.
  • Violet Roots reserves the right to reject any submission or request edits.
  • By submitting your post you’re agreeing to give permission to Violet Roots to post, promote and use your post on social media and within this site. You’re also allowing light editing for SEO, formatting and the inclusion of any related links that would benefit the piece.


Submit Articles & Pitches: 

Please follow the below instructions to submit your post or pitch. 

  • Send a direct email with the subject line – VIOLET ROOTS GUEST CONTRIBUTOR
  • Include the following with you pitch/post:
    • Your name.
    • Preferred email and website.
    • Brief bio.
    • 2 social media links.
    • Portfolio or examples of previous work. 




Interview Series Participant:

Violet Roots is about community and some of the most successful series are those that feature the perspectives of other awesome creatives like you! The Music Muses and Creative Command Interview series highlight the thoughts and experiences of our community members from various backgrounds and industries. 


Which Interview is Right for You?

  • Music Muses is for any blogger, creative or business owner who has a love for music. All industries and music tastes are welcome. [Not available at this time]
  • Creative Command is specifically for those who either work in a creative field OR have creative hobbies and are willing to share personal stories about their creative process, journey, and struggles.


If you’d like to participate in one or both of these series feel free to sign up for the waiting list. Positive feedback and interest in participating has grown considerably since the series were first launched. Due to the high volume of requests entrants are not guaranteed acceptance and only candidates who fit the tone of Violet Roots will be chosen. 


Sign Up for the Waiting List:

Creative Command

Following these instructions shows that you fully comprehend the Guest Post Contributor guidelines and take your contribution seriously. 

Again, I’m really excited to work with you and I look forward to seeing what amazing content you produce!