Governors Ball blew right by and I already miss it!

Guys, I’m on such a high right now! I’m writing this late after just getting home from my whirlwind Governors Ball Music Festival weekend so please excuse any typos. If you’ve been following along on Instagram you might already know that the festival was this past weekend and if not you might remember from here.

I’m pretty wiped out, my body is aching from the nonstop movement and I could pass out at any moment but I wanted to make sure I filled you all in first. Before you read on if you’d like to get caught up with the last few Music Monday posts you can see them here, here and here

I have so much to tell you guys and I can’t wait to get down to it! Since this festival was a 3-day event I’ll be covering each day of the festival over the next few weeks followed by some extra commentary on various acts at the end. For these reviews, I’m going to break it down into 3 parts: Highs, Lows, and Fun bits.

Now let’s get right into Governors Ball Day 1!



There were plenty of incredible, entertaining and vastly different artists present that offered noteworthy performances. Still, when I look back on my Governors Ball weekend I’m going to think of the three ladies that I have been trying to see for quite some time. They each played on different days which I honestly am thankful for because I don’t know if I could handle Florence, Marina, and Lana, or FML as I jokingly – sorry I can be corny sometimes – began to call them, all on the same day.

On Day 1 it was all about Florence + The Machine! Seeing her perform live was like an outer body experience. I was totally enthralled by her and so was the rest of the crowd. Florence played on the main stage right around sunset and the lighting of the rose gold sky along with her majestic lyrics and massive stage presence was more than enough to satisfy her adoring fans.  

She came down into the crowd to mingle with her fans and pulled one special fan onto the stage who held up a “Hug?” sign. She told them something along the lines of. . .”If you can make it up here then you can have a hug.”

This, of course, made that particular fan’s life and made everyone else supremely jealous. Moral of the story is that Florence was amazing. Like worship at her alter, all hail Queen Florence – AMAZING! It was hard to only choose 3 of her songs but check out a few of my faves below.





Odesza and Gorgon City were a couple of my other favorite sets for day 1 of Governors Ball. Odesza, an electronic act from Seattle, was a much-hyped set that really impressed me and Gorgon City was the type of music that I could dance all night to. You can check out some tracks by them below.




  • St. Vincent was someone that I was pretty indifferent to. I neither hated it or loved it but I thought it was worth mentioning since St. Vincent tends to get a lot of praise.
  • Drake. I don’t know why the set was so underwhelming since I’m actually a Drake fan. I enjoyed hearing plenty of the songs I came to see but when the crowds antics are more entertaining than the performer then I think that says a lot. 


Fun Bits:

  • Charli XCX, MØ, and Ratatat delivered fun performances and Governors Ball was my second time being able to see them all.
  • Chromeo was another act that I had previously seen a couple times but this time the “Funk Lordz”, as they’re called, surprised me when Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend came out during part of their set. I love Vampire Weekend and started freaking out which was a surprise to the people I was with. I fangirled SO HARD. hah



So that’s day 1 of Governors Ball! If you’d like me to spend more time discussing any particular band let me know! I’ll make sure to feature them in an upcoming “Ear Bliss” segment! Next week . . . Day 2!


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