Now it’s time for Day 2 of my Gov Ball series! 

You can check out the amazing time I had at Governors Ball Music Festival Day 1 here. Before you read on if you’d like to get caught up with the last few Music Monday posts you can see them here and here. Since this festival was a 3-day event I’ll be covering each day of the festival over the next few weeks followed by some extra commentary on various acts at the end. For these reviews, I’m going to break it down into 3 parts: Highs, Lows, and Fun bits. Gov Ball really was quite the experience so let’s jump right into today’s festival breakdown!



Marina and the Diamonds, like Florence on Day 1 was such a standout performer. She showed up in a bright purple one piece with a mirrored crown that read “Froot”, which is the title of her latest album. She was incredibly fun, the set featured oversized green and purple fruit, and I was able to get pretty close to the stage so I was ecstatic.

My friend and I managed to find our way over to a group of people who were just as diehard about her as we were and the six or so of us shouted every lyric to every song. We spent her set dancing under the sun with delicious summer shandies and a wonderful breeze going. I previously featured Marina in an “Ear Bliss” post here but you can also check out part of her performance of “I’m a Ruin” on my Instagram below and a few of her other tracks below.

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SBTRKT was one of my other favorite sets from Day 2 of Gov Ball. I really enjoyed his light show and he was another act that I had been wanting to see for a while. This meant, however, that I had to miss Flume but since I already saw him the choice was clear. ASTR, who I previously saw but also missed, this time, is another band worth checking out.




  • Deadmau5 was actually pretty fun. However, it was only fun after at least 10-20 minutes of the sound cutting out, stopping and starting, and having to deal with a ton of disgruntled people pushing and shoving in every direction. It was clear on Day 2 that there were a lot of people solely at Gov Ball because they wanted to see Deadmau5 and that’s fine but it also caused some of them to be rude and unnecessarily aggressive throughout the day. I’m not trying to give Deadmau5 fans a bad rep but at least the ones I interacted with at Gov Ball were a bit inconsiderate.
  • I missed Clean Bandit


Fun Bits:

  • Kiesza, Atmosphere, and Little Dragon were great!
  • Björk is the kind of act that if you ever get the opportunity to see you should. Even if you don’t like or get her music it’s worth your time since her visuals and costumes are pretty much out this world. She also had fireworks which is always cool.


So that’s Day 2 of Gov Ball! If you’d like me to spend more time discussing any particular band let me know and I’ll make sure to feature them in an upcoming “Ear Bliss” segment! Next week . . . Day 3!

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