How to Gain Creative Confidence


Part of me feels like I shouldn’t be advising anyone on how to gain creative confidence. After all, I still go through moments where I’m not sure if I’m saying the right thing, doing the right thing, or even thinking the right thing. 

I think I’m going through a weird quarter life crisis and half the time I feel crazy. This probably also has to do with my tendency to have adverse reactions to change but, as I mentioned, in my August Letter from the Editor, we’ll save that chat for later.

Still, I think not always having it together is the point. If I sat here and typed out 1,000+ words on how perfectly tidy my self-esteem was or how I have confidence for days that would be pointless. No one has it totally together. No one is perfect. 

I know a lot of the allure of the online world is that you can be entertained by pristine depictions. I know there are a lot of people who have an issue with that but I know there are also a fair amount of people who enjoy it. They want to be able to scroll through their social feed and just tune out.

That’s fine but for me, on this blog, right here, I want to be as authentic as possible. So when I share thoughts on how to gain creative confidence I’m going to do so without the false veneer. 

By the end of this post, I hope I’m able to inspire you to create fearlessly and confidently!



Create Fearlessly

Do whatever it is that you want. Do what you do best and try to focus 100% on your passion. There is no reason to do anything else but that.

As an artist, sometimes I second guess a brush stroke or I think a little too long about a color choice. In the end, I make a decision and it really doesn’t matter how it turns out. I can always paint over a mistake, go in a different direction or start all the way over. 

Creativity is not some test that you either pass or fail. You’re not risking anything by trying something new but you will if you hold yourself back.

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Share Freely

This part is where things get a bit tricky. Now that you’re in full throttle creation mode it’s time to share what you’ve done. Share the process, share the final product or share a whole collection. Let others in on whatever awesomeness you’ve got going on! 

It might be easier said than done but it’s important all the same. When I was younger I was petrified of sharing anything that I created. I loved art class but hated the fact that my classmates could see what I was doing. I would have rather died than show a relative one of my sketches or stories. 

Fast forward a few years and I painted a mural near the entrance of my high school. Several years after that I started sharing my artwork on this blog, Instagram and everywhere else. It’s not completely a breeze for me but being more open about it has helped me gain creative confidence.


How to Gain Creative Confidence & Not Care What Others Think - Learn how to gain creative confidence and be your most authentic self! Be unapologetic about your creative pursuits and passions and others will follow!


Find Camaraderie

When the going gets tough and you start to doubt yourself creatively it helps to have a community to rely on. I touched on the need for this in a recent newsletter and stressed that there is no reason to go it alone. 

It might be tempting to fall into the struggling loner artist archetype but it’s really less romantic than the songs will have you believe. By surrounding yourself with support you’re setting yourself up to feel secure and empowered in your creative efforts.


Do It For the Process

#Doitfortheprocess is a popular Instagram hashtag that features artistic and creative projects in varying stages of development. For me, it’s also become a bit of a mantra.

When you create whether it’s a blog, an online course or a mural you should do it for yourself and how it makes you feel. There will always be people who aren’t fans of your work. There will always be someone who is doing something a little bit better than you. 

Still, if you’re following your passion because you want to and not because of what others might say then you’re on the right track. We can’t please everyone but you can gain creative confidence by coming to terms with that. 


What are your thoughts on how to gain creative confidence?

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