FKA twigs performed in Brooklyn for the RedBull Music Academy Festival! 

Her three-night Congregata live production was entirely sold out and I was so excited and lucky to have scored a ticket to see her!

Some of you guys are from far off places like the United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, and Australia. I’m positive that at some point on Monday you might have heard a loud, awful, wailing sound and for that, I apologize because even though I managed to get tickets to this event my body got the last laugh and decided to get sick.

I can be a bit dramatic when I’m sick or get a bit frustrated and start equating my dilemma to “the sky is falling” levels of tragedy. I’ve been looking forward to this show for a few months now so missing out on it is beyond disappointing.




If you’re at all familiar with FKA twigs then you’ll know that she is a British singer known for her out of the box artistic take on music. She has rave reviews for her otherworldly live performances and is an incredible dancer, songwriter, and producer. You might also have heard that FKA twigs is the other half to a former faux vampire by the name of Robert Pattison but she’s been making waves in her own right well before him. You may have also seen her featured in a past post.

Since I’ve advertised my feature on FKA twigs a lot these past few weeks on Violet Roots I feel a bit deflated that I can’t provide a real take on her performance style. Still, your body doesn’t always do what you want it to and I can’t change the past.

With that being said, instead of concert highlights, you can scroll below and check out a few of my fave tracks by her. Some of the videos are really out there and incredibly different from the standard video you’ll see for a Top 40 song. The “weirdness” is 100% why I’m into it and I hope you guys can appreciate it too!





NOTE: If you’d like to see footage from FKA twigs’ Congregata show it’s all over youtube and Instagram (cue Monika’s tears) so feel free to join me in my FOMO.

Share what you think of FKA twigs and expect highlights from BANKS, St. Lucia and the Governors Ball Music Festival along with other weekly Music Monday picks!

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