What FKA Twigs x Nike Can Teach us about creativity

New week, new series! Today let’s learn about what FKA Twigs x Nike can teach us about creativity! There are so many creatives out there who are doing amazing things. They’re pushing the envelope and leading the way with their creative thoughts and ideas. 

This series will introduce a standout creative project and break down exactly what we can learn from it. Frist up: a Nike campaign (see below) with creative direction by FKA Twigs called “do you believe in more?” 

It’s fine and dandy to talk about developing healthy creative habits in an abstract sense. You can still glean a lot of helpful information from it. Still, if you don’t ever see any real world applications of what I’ve been preaching then it can be a bit one-dimensional.

My hope is that this series will allow you to see how different people take their creativity and turn it into something special for others to consume and enjoy. So, without further ado, let’s see what FKA Twigs x Nike can teach us about creativity! 



Collaborations Are Key

You don’t have to collaborate in order to produce something really cool. Still, you can’t deny the magic of bringing people together with a creative purpose. The name Nike goes without an introduction but you may not be as familiar with FKA Twigs. If you don’t already know, she’s a singer, songwriter, dancer, choreographer and all around badass creative maven. She’s known for crafting videos with unique creative direction and producing live shows unlike anyone else.

Maybe you would pair the two together since Nike is a sports brand and FKA Twigs is a dancer. I, on the other hand, was pleasantly surprised to hear about their collaboration last week. It just goes to show that you can find the best collaborators where you least expect it!


Don’t be afraid to think outside the box

The main point that FKA Twigs x Nike can teach us creatively is that there is no reward without risk. As much as I admire FKA Twigs and truly appreciate her unique style I know that there are plenty of people who simply don’t “get” her. They find her to be too weird, too out there, too much.

They’re entitled to their opinions but I think that people like FKA Twigs should be applauded and, if not loved, then at least respected. It takes a lot to be vulnerable enough to put your creative ideas out there. It can be even harder when those concepts are outside of the norm. However, let’s be honest, at a time where we’re all bombarded with thousands of ideas on a daily basis it’s refreshing to see something different.


What FKA Twigs x Nike Can Teach Us About Creativity - Become a student of creative thought and learn from others. In this post, see what FKA Twigs x Nike can teach us about creativity and collaboration.


Make a note of other partnerships

Even though I was initially surprised by their collaboration it didn’t take long for me to understand how it happened. FKA Twigs has taken part in other partnerships in the past that have used her one of a kind style to elevate brands. A while back she choreographed another concept video for Google Glass (see below) in 2014.

The video featured her songs “Glass and Patron” and “Video Girl” and made me even think twice about Google’s recent innovation. There is no doubt in my mind that Nike saw that video and decided that what FKA Twigs brought to the table for Google could work for them as well. The moral of the story here? Take note of other partnerships and reach out to creatives that spark your interest and speak your language! (Click to Tweet)


Cohesion only adds to the impact

Everything is better when it’s cohesive. When there is a disconnect in your creative direction it disrupts your ability to be able to tell an impactful story. The “do you believe in more?” video is cohesive because of the fact that everything from the choreography to the styling, to the camera movements gel.

All of the dancers look like they belong to the same tribal squad and the best part is that the Nike labels, although visible, are seamless! When you watch the clip it just looks like you’re seeing these edgy, Nike-clad, warriors dance. It doesn’t feel like a promotion or an ad. I can believe that they wear Nike and to me, that’s the most effective kind of product placement.

What FKA Twigs x Nike can teach us here is that it’s not enough to simply have a great idea. There needs to be just as much thought put into the small details as the overall picture. You have to execute it flawlessly as well as go beyond the expected in order to stand out.

Whether you’re a blogger, artist or biz owner I challenge you to stretch yourself creatively. Come up with something new to offer and make sure all the elements add up. You don’t have to go as far as the otherworldly goddess FKA Twigs, you can go the more traditional Nike route or develop a style that’s entirely your own. No matter which direction you decide to go in, just do it!



Learned something? What do you think about FKA Twigs x Nike?

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