Make Your Music Library Happy & Find New Music!


We’ve all been in desperate need of a way to find new music at one point or another. It happens to the best of us and when you least expect it. One minute you’re jamming to your favorite new album for a month straight and the next minute those same tracks have lost their luster.

Or maybe you’re on your way to work, in the middle of a workout or just listening to music casually at home when you suddenly notice that the same songs are playing over and over again. You love those musicians, they all hold a soft spot in your heart but if you have to listen to any of them one more time you might reach your breaking point and that’s where this list comes in!

It’s not always easy to find new music. If you turn on the radio nine times out of ten you’ll hear a handful of the same Top 40 songs on all the channels. There’s nothing wrong with a catchy pop anthem or two but maybe you’d like to expand your horizons and see what other musical gems are out there.

If this sounds like you then follow along with these five ways to find new music! By the end of it, I promise you’ll have plenty of new songs to add to your music library.



Suggested Content:

If you watch a video on YouTube, search for a song on Spotify or any other music streaming service you’ll notice that there is always a section dedicated to suggested tracks. Don’t ignore it! You may not like every suggested song, but there is a good chance that you’ll discover plenty of new artists that you previously would have no way of knowing about.

  • I’ve discovered so many artists this way and have featured quite a few them in previous playlists. A few examples would be Aurora and Troye Sivan.


Mailing Lists:

Nowadays every artist has a mailing list. Inboxes can be a bit overcrowded as is it but your future playlists will thank you if you add just a few more emails to your routine.

If you’re tired of listening to that album from two years ago just join their mailing list and you’ll be the first to know when their next single drops! You might also get a promo code for early access to their live shows.

Avid concertgoer? If you’re a live music junkie mailing lists should be your bread and butter! Plenty of concert halls, ticketing services and event sites send out weekly lists of all the musicians that are playing near you. Check out a new act, or simply look up any of the bands that peak your interest and have a listen. You never know you might just find your next obsession!


5 Ways to Find New Music


Music Discovery Platforms:

You might have to do a bit of fishing to find new music but give music discovery platforms a try. There are many different platforms with various offerings but the goal is the same – new tunes. Try Gnoosic! Just type in three acts that you already love and it suggests a potential new artist for your listening pleasure. It’s really fun to see what they come up with. 



Ever head to a concert just in time to see the headliner? Stop! By showing up late you’re preventing yourself from discovering new music. Sometimes the opening act will surprise you and become a favorite in their own right. You’re already attending the show so you mind as well get more bang for your buck and take the time to become familiar with a new artist.


Word of Mouth:

You have a good group of friends and you can depend on them for anything, right? Well, rely on them to get you out of your musical rut! Raid their music library or pick their brain to see what music they’ve been listening to lately. Word of mouth is an excellent way to find new music and chances are your friends and you will have similar taste in music.



Follow these tips to find new music and your next playlist will be packed full of fresh tracks for you to enjoy! When you tire of them just refer back to these points and you’ll be discovering new songs in no time.

Can’t wait to hear something new? Check out my latest playlists featuring lesser-known musicians that will surely blow you away!

How do you find new music? Let me know!

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