10 Female Artists to Watch


On Violet Roots, there is a lot of female love to go around. I’m not shy about my love for music and a flip through a few posts will quickly clue you into the fact that female artists to watch are my bread and butter. When I discover a relatively new act I get giddy and it’s like my birthday and Christmas wrapped into one. 

There are few things more inspiring than musical storytelling and that’s exactly how I see and understand music videos, lyrics, rhythms, and the artists behind them. Today I’m happy to introduce you to the physical embodiment of ear bliss, ten female artists to watch. If you’re already hip to these ladies then why aren’t we best friends already? If not, don’t worry I’ve got you and your music library’s back! 




Moxie Raia nabbed the high-profile title of “opening act for Justin Beiber’s Purpose tour.” Say what you will about the Biebs but what is not up for debate is that Moxie Raia is not just one of the top female artists to watch but THE female artist to watch.

I’m calling it right now. I’m very tempted to do a mic drop and just leave the post at that but there are some other songstresses in this list that deserve some shine too.

In summary Moxie Raia, who has covered songs by Kanye and Big Sean, worked with Pusha T and has the remix stamp of approval of Steve Aoki has stolen my musical heart and I don’t ever want it back. Bonus points for being born in Jersey where, lowkey, tons of talent is bred and born. 



Based in Vancouver, and formerly known by her birth name Ali Milner, Willa is an intriguing artist. She’s capable of luring you into electro-pop ditties but her real strength is in the darker realms of electro-pop music. I’m obsessed with her song “Swan” which you can listen to in my Spotify playlist here and I’m eagerly awaiting her full-length debut in May. 



Featured on fellow Australian, Troye Sivan’s, debut album Blue Neighbourhood, and a rising star in her own right, Tkay Maidza is one of the more refreshing female artists to watch. She has an upbeat quality to her music and a flow that is all her own. 




Dua Lipa is an English-Albanian singer-songwriter from London who also has a debut album lined up for 2016. Her style is hella dope and if someone could direct me to the nearest store where I can find the top from this video I’ll forever be grateful.



If you haven’t heard her smash hit “Here” then you may have been hiding under a rock my friend. It’s okay, Alessia Cara is probably the most recognizable name on this list, at least in the U.S., due her major radio success and is a major player in the female artists to watch game. 



Helmed by Zoe Kravitz, the forever cool daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet is the face of LOLAWOLF and pretty much the flyest girl in town. She’s an actress as well and pretty much turns everything she touches into pure gold so have a listen to this track and enjoy. 



What can I say about Nao? Have you heard that voice? Seriously if you’re reading this before listening then I suggest you listen and then come back to this blurb. I’ll wait . . . done? Okay, so you’ve been converted to a Nao fan right? You can always hear the emotion when she sings and her song “Bad Blood,” which is on repeat for me which you can check out here (viewer discretion), is no exception.




I found out about pop singer, Anne-Marie, from a fluke YouTube suggestion. This musical find made me even more confident in the ways to find new music I laid out at the start of the year. YouTube is good for more than cat videos guys! The next time you watch the Beyoncé “Formation” video (or any other artist) check out that suggestion sidebar and I’m sure you’ll find something new. 

Anne-Marie is full of sass and bravado that’s all her own. She’s one of the female artists to watch that look like they’d be a load of fun. Also, she forever has cute and edgy hairstyles and that alone is enough to earn a spot on this list. Well, maybe not but if you check any of her interviews you’ll see that she’s not only capable of commanding any stage but is funny too. Kudos go out to also being a 3x karate world champ! 



Jones, also hailing from London, is a musical delight. The beat in the above video is pulsing and is a match made in heaven for any dancefloor. I’m just getting acquainted with Jones’ music and I have to say that if “Hoops” is any indicator I’m sure this won’t be the last we hear from her. 



Meg Mac, is a singer- songwriter from Australia and is the answer to my songbird dreams. She’s toured with Clean Bandit and D’Angelo and if that mix doesn’t clue you into the kind of talent she’s packing then make sure you listen to the above clip. When I think of female artists to watch Meg Mac is one of the first names that come to mind and I’m itching to hear that voice of hers in person someday soon. 



What do you think of these female artists to watch? Who is on your radar?

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