10 Must See Emerging Acts at Bonnaroo 2017

Bonnaroo is one of those music festivals that has been on my radar forever but I have actually never been to it. That’s kind of a bummer, especially this year since the headliners and emerging acts at Bonnaroo 2017 are some of my favorite artists. This year the lineup is all the way stacked and there is more than enough musical variety to please everyone. You have everyone from The Weeknd and Red Hot Chili Peppers to Yellow Claw and Gallant. 

There are even a few acts that are currently making the rounds at the summer music festival scene like Flint Eastwood who will be at Lollapalooza and Joseph who played Coachella. Every year there are at least a few dozen acts that overlap. If you’re lucky enough to attend multiple festivals then you’ll have more than one chance to catch your favorites.


Southern Music Festival

I think the main reason why I haven’t ventured to Bonnaroo is mostly because of its location. This festival is located in Manchester, TN and since I’m from the New York area that’s kind of a hike. If you’ve noticed the festivals that I personally attended have all been in the NYC area except for Lolla. 

In order to go, I’d have to be 100% all in since it’s not really the kind of destination you can make a bigger trip out of. Still, I’d love to go one day and if you happen to be from Tennessee and know a thing or two about the area feel free to give me a few pointers!

Before you do that scroll on down to check out my top 10 emerging acts at Bonnaroo 2017! Share which artists are your favorite and head on over to Spotify to listen to the official Violet Roots Summer Music Festival playlist. There you’ll find all the best rising stars from the 2017 festival circuit along with several other playlists for your listening pleasure! 







10 Must See Emerging Acts at Bonnaroo 2017 - Headed to the Tennesee to attend Bonnaroo? Check out these must see emerging acts at Bonnaroo 2017 and add them to your festival lineup!






What do you think of these emerging acts at Bonnaroo Music Festival?

Keep a look out for more Summer Music Festival coverage from Governors Ball, Lollapalooza, Panorama, Bumbershoots and Meadows Festival. While you’re waiting, relive Coachella!

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