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Violet Roots is just as much for the creative hobbyist as it is the creative biz owner. These creativepreneur tips and tricks, made by fellow bloggers, are useful no matter what stage you’re in. Each post has helped me over the past few weeks and I’m certain this list will result in at least one lightbulb moment for you!

Streamlining your process is important but I believe that hearing the advice of your peers is just as invaluable. 

If you’d like to dive even further down the creativepreneur rabbit hole then you’re in luck! I have a Pinterest board dedicated to anything and everything a creative biz owner could need! Scroll through the list and then check out the board below!



The Ultimate Guide to Naming Your Blog or Business + Free Worksheet 

Author: Allison from Painted Summers || Read Post

Takeaways: Settling on an effective and functional name is so important! Allison raised great points about developing a name that I didn’t even realize when I came up with my own name. Plug your potential name into a URL and see how that looks. Did your clever name turn into an awkward joke real fast? Yeah, back to the drawing board! 

A lot goes into the thought process behind a name and it shouldn’t be rushed. First impressions are everything! The name you come up with is the first point of contact people will have with you. As a result, this post is one of the most important creativepreneur tips and tricks!



The 411 on Entrepreneurship: 19 Things All First Time Business Owners Need to Know

Author: Abagail & Emylee from Think Creative Collective || Read Post

Takeaways: This is just an excellent overview of life as an aspiring or current entrepreneur. During the post, they emphasized knowing your boundaries and yet understanding that a work/life balance may never happen. It could work for you but it’s important to know that this life can get a little crazy and by “little” I mean a lot. 

They also talked about having a system with tools to help you through your day and surrounding yourself with positive influences.



How to Create an Email Strategy + Content Ideas

Author: Monique from Keep Chasing The Stars || Read Post

Takeaways: Can I just do the happy dance for a second to celebrate Monique’s vibrantly dyed hair?! For a while, Email was just a big scary story for me. I thought I didn’t have enough subscribers. I doubted anyone would want to hear from me. 

Earlier this year I dived in and bit the bullet. I had subscribers so they obviously wanted to hear from me. They opted in, right? Anyways, I love how Monique not only breaks down different newsletter styles but she also walks you through brainstorming content for them.


5 Quick Tips to Improving Your Newsletter

Author: Lindsay from White Oak Creative || Read Post

Takeaways: Creating a final welcome message and finding a schedule that works for you is essential! Some bloggers send out an email every week and others only do it once a month. No matter when you do it the frequency should suit your own life. 

White Oak Creative is chock full of the best creativepreneur tips and tricks so I’d suggest you spend some time combing through her content! 


Creativepreneur Tips & Tricks


How to Create a Consistent Brand Experience

Author: Jamie from Spruce Rd || Read Post

Takeaways: I can’t begin to express how important consistency is. We all have our down moments but for the most part, we should always do our best to be as consistent as possible when it comes to our brand. 

This Spruce Rd. post hits the nail on the head and also discusses client interactions. You might think visually when you think of the word “brand” but the way your business runs and how you handle clients is another important aspect of your overall brand.  



How to Improve Your SEO Ranking For Your Blog + a Free SEO Checklist

Author: Marianna from The Collective Mill || Read Post

Takeaways: Heard of Long-Tail Keywords? What about Optimized URLs? SEO has a lot of moving parts and it can be really difficult and, at times, time-consuming to keep up with it all. The Yoast Plug-In helps me out but even that plug-in updates every other day.

Just when I think that I have a good handle on it there is something else I have to learn. If you’re struggling to understand it all Marianna has your back! She’s broken it down in a clear and concise way for you to grasp and this post is something that I refer back to.



6 Tips For Small Businesses on Instagram

Author: Dani from Thyme is Honey || Read Post

Takeaways: I just have to tell you that I can’t get over how perfect Dani’s blog name is! Isn’t it clever? Now that we’ve got my fangirling out of the way let’s talk about her post! 

I’m no Instagram expert but I have gotten better over time and I feel like I’m beginning to “get” it. Dani’s post is great for beginners who sell products or who think they might go in that direction some day. She offers guidance on posting etiquette, nifty hacks and other creativepreneur tips and tricks that save a ton of time. 



How to Use Instagram as a Microblogging Platform

Author: Lizzie from October June || Read Post

Takeaways: Microblogging is a term that I’ve seen thrown around from time to time. Lizzie breaks it down and gives plenty of examples of how you can make it work for you every day. If you’ve ever struggled with what to post or trying to differentiate the content you produce on social with what you produce on your blog then you should give this post a look!



How to Blog Legally

Author: Chelsey from Budget Girl || Read Post

Takeaways: Chelsey really goes to town with this post! She covers so many legal tips I wish I knew when I first started. Blogging is so new and there are so many conflicting views about what is and isn’t the proper way to do business.

This inconsistency leads to bloggers unknowingly running into trouble and I don’t want any of you to be in that situation. Make sure you’re disclosing your sponsorships the right way and including no follow links. There is much more you need to know and this post will fill in the blanks. 



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